Rosehip Oil: Incredible Benefits For Beauty And Youth

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Rosehip Oil: Incredible Benefits For Beauty And Youth
Rosehip Oil: Incredible Benefits For Beauty And Youth
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Aesthetics is something that matters to all of us, not everything is solved by fixing yourself and putting makeup on. Natural skin care is also very important. After all, it is the only skin we have and we had better take care of it

Rosehip oil is a vegetable oil with great properties for the care of your skin and hair. This is extracted from the seeds of a plant native to Europe that also grows in Chile and Argentina. A product that, once you discover it, will become something essential for you.

What does it contain and what is it for?

  1. Rosehip oil contains vitamins that reduce expression lines and wrinkles, maintaining youthful and radiant skin.
  2. It is made up of fatty oils that improve skin pigmentation, returning to give color, tone and texture to your skin. As well as, they help to heal and promote the regeneration of our skin.
  3. It has a high collagen component that protects our skin from spots, stretch marks and damage caused by the sun.
  4. The combination of vitamin C and fatty acids helps to remove red spots and heal skin irritation.
  5. For its part, vitamin A makes us recover moisture in the skin and keep the water, and thus achieve hydrated skin.
  6. And not everything is the skin, the rosehip oil being a vegetable oil, helps to care for the hair, fighting dry and flaky scalp, as well as dry hair and damaged by products, dyes and hair irons.

We know the theory. Let us now practice. We can already be using the best product from the pharmacy, which if we do not do it in the proper way has no effect.

How should we apply rosehip oil to our skin and hair?

For skin care and getting that desired and cared for skin, there are three simple steps that you must follow twice a day (morning and night):

  1. It is essential to remove make-up and clean the skin well before applying the product.
  2. Hydrate your skin before applying the product. This will make your pores open so that the product can enter more easily and act more effectively. A good time to apply it is after a shower, since the steam from the hot water opens your pores.
  3. When applying the product, spray a few drops of rosehip oil on your fingertips and gently massage in circular movements until completely absorbed. We will focus above all on the areas most prone to wrinkling, such as crow's feet, corners and eyebrows. As well as those in which you have spots, irritations or any of the symptoms explained above. Read more gallery

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For hair care, on the other hand, this time we will only apply it twice a week separated from each other; for example, Tuesdays and Saturdays. We will not apply it every day, since it is a longer and more complex process than skin care, and more days it could oil the hair. The steps are the following:

  1. Before applying the product, we should wash our heads with the usual shampoo and rinse it with warm water.
  2. We apply a few drops on the scalp with a cotton ball, massaging it on the head as if it were a hair wash.
  3. Wrap your head in a shower cap and allow the rosehip oil to proceed for two to three hours.
  4. Finally, wash your hair again in the usual way. And rinse the product well.

We encourage you to take a photo of your skin and / or hair now, and another one month after having followed both treatments to check the efficiency and effectiveness of rosehip oil. And so make more women can look as beautiful, young and cared for as you.

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