5 Foods That Cause Your Hair To Be Greasy

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5 Foods That Cause Your Hair To Be Greasy
5 Foods That Cause Your Hair To Be Greasy
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You wash your hair and two days later it has the appearance of being wet, but it is due to the amount of fat you accumulate. That uncomfortable!

The causes of your hair being oily are varied. One of them is because the glands of the scalp produce excessive sebum, which will make acne on the skull, forehead and neck more easily formed.

How much does your diet influence hair health?

Much. It may be that your diet is healthy by including fruits, vegetables, legumes and enough water; however, you could be committing "sins" that make your hair unhealthy. Next we tell you which are the foods that due to their excessive consumption could damage one of the parts of the body most cared for by women.

1. Sugar: Research has shown that if you consume a large amount of sugar, you promote premature aging; in other words, gray hair will come out faster; In addition, it robs the elasticity of the strands since it interferes with the proteins that reach the bones, teeth and hair. Another consequence of eating lots of sweets is that it minimizes vitamin E, responsible for making hair grow healthy. The more treats you eat, the less vitamin E will reach the hair follicles.

2. Sodium: If you suffer from this problem, surely after bathing or combing you will be left with a lot of hair on your hands. True? Excessive salt intake will cause you to lose 50 to 100 strands per day. The indicated is half a teaspoon a day, nothing more.

3. Carbonated soft drinks : Okay, having a cola on a hot day is refreshing and delicious, but it dries out your hair. In addition, due to its high sugar content, it will make gray hair come out early and your hair will fall out.

4. Greasy foods: If your diet includes products such as cold cuts, custard, cheese, hamburgers … that fat that all those foods contain is not only reflected in the balance but also in the appearance of your hair.

5. Meat: Eating excess animal protein will make you not digest the uric acid that accumulates in the blood correctly, which will cause your hair to fall out more easily and you will suffer from the large amount of fat.

Other causes of oily hair

In addition to the aforementioned foods, other causes that cause it are: hormonal changes, combs and brushes or the shampoo you use.

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Home treatments

With the help of the specialists of Best with Health, we will give you some homemade alternatives to combat the production of fat on your scalp. 1. Mint tea: In a cup of hot water place two sachets of mint tea. Let it cool and add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Apply to hair, gently massage. Then wash as usual. 2. Lemon: Squeeze a lemon and add a cup of warm water. Apply to the mane, making circular movements. 3. Aloe: Or better known as aloe vera. Take out the product that is inside the sheet and blend. Apply to hair and let it act for 30 minutes. Aloe has properties that regulate the secretion of the sebaceous glands, so the treatment will be very efficient.

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