10 Top Hairstyles For Brides

10 Top Hairstyles For Brides
10 Top Hairstyles For Brides
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With the arrival of spring and summer we also premiere the wedding season. Whether you are a girlfriend or a guest, surely you will have already spent a few months browsing those magazines that you like so much to find the perfect look. However, you still haven't found it! We are going to help you with some recommendations that we have compiled; But be careful, this time we are going to focus first on the brides because we understand that they are the ones that run the fastest if at this point they have not yet decided how they are going to wear their hair. We must make one thing clear, of course, the hairstyle depends absolutely on your dress and the chosen place to get married. It is a set. What we are going to do is provide you with different ideas in different styles,to try to cover a little of everything and have options to choose from or that just help you get inspired. Enjoy it!

1- Braided hemlines: You will never fail with this look as it is easy to adapt to any style of dress. If you have a neckline in the back, it will be essential.

2- Picked up in a ponytail: Stylish and elegant. Ideal for sophisticated brides who wear more armed dresses.

3- Loose lopsided: Sofía Vergara and Eva Longoria are the perfect example of how to look glamorous with a loose lopsided look. With their choice, they both got the sexy touch.

4- Low gathered : The international blogger Helena Bordon chose a few days ago at her wedding this low bun gathered in corkscrews that gave her freshness. She got married on the beach and next to her dress in different chiffon textures, she couldn't have chosen a better hairstyle. All of it was a success. From 10.

5- Loose in natural waves: If you want to bet on naturalness, this is your style. If you marry in the country, there is nothing more successful. Naturalness and freshness in the same look that you can complement with a flower crown. We love.

6- High up: Ideal hairstyle to reflect firmness and security. Perfect also for wedding dresses in church or in more "solemn" settings. It is a more classic style, but with which you go for sure.

7- Semi-gathered: A good choice if you are wearing a chiffon dress or a more romantic style. When Bar Refaeli opted for this hairstyle, we couldn't like it more. Very successful throughout the set because she was extremely discreet, concentrating all the attention on her face. Her beauty was the protagonist of the look.

8- Unarmed spikelets: Earring braids have become very fashionable for brides in recent months. They bring light to the hairstyle and also a lot of naturalness. We like them more unarmed as long as the dress is not classic cut.

9- Jewel headdresses: Originality and elegance come hand in hand in this image that we show you. It is a simple hairstyle in the form of a straightened iron with bangs, but adorned with a spectacular jewel headdress. If you opt for this type of accessories, it is what you will have to do: Comb your hair very simply so that the protagonist will have the headdress.

10- Ornaments: Reviewing different images, this bet has enchanted us. Ornaments that play in our hair, providing extra movement. The best thing about this type of accessories is that you can incorporate it into any type of hairstyle, as can be seen in the image.

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