8 Mistakes You Make When Passing The Hair Straightener

8 Mistakes You Make When Passing The Hair Straightener
8 Mistakes You Make When Passing The Hair Straightener
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It often happens that multiple tasks at home reduce the time to make up, choose a suitable outfit or even fix your hair. For that reason you make certain mistakes with your hair that over time dries it out. The main person in charge is you when passing the iron over your mane.

1.Lack of information: In a brief explanation we will tell you what "ceramic", "tourmaline" and "titanium" mean in the world of beauty.

-Ceramic: Some electronic devices like these have ceramic plates that heat more than metal ones, but not all are the same. Look for those that indicate “triple-baked” on their packaging, which means they are whole ceramic plates.

-Turmaline: It is a stone that emits negative ions and helps to close the hair cuticle, as well as moisture. It is a plus that any artifact like these has it.

-Titanium: It is a soft metal that glides better. It is more expensive, but worth the investment.

2. Without temperature regulator: I remember that some years ago I had one and the truth was useless. I understand why it was so cheap! When you apply the heat, look closely at the style you want to achieve, as well as the amount of hair you have.

Stylist Anthony Llobet explained to El País that if you only want to smooth it, the best thing to do is to use a wide iron to have a better result and save time. If you are going to make waves in addition to straightening it, use one with a standard width, since a wider one will leave the hair very soft.

3. You use it with damp hair: Although time is pressing, do not do it. To make it limp, you need to dry it completely with the dryer. That sound that resembles when you are preparing fries, is your hair that is burning. We invite you to check something that many of us ask ourselves and that is: do I wash my hair well?

4. You do not use thermal protector: You probably have one among your cosmetics, but you do not use it. It is time to get it out of there and protect the health of your hair. The correct distribution is from the half ends down after having towel-dried your hair.

5. Very hot iron: It is not the same to smooth or make waves when painted than natural. If you have applied dye, it is mandatory that you use a special shampoo, conditioner and mask, as well as reducing the temperature of the iron; otherwise the easier color will be lost, explains the Imagen portal.

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6. You go through the same strand up to three times: This action is supposed to be done once, nothing more. If not, your iron is not of good quality.

7. You Get Too Much Hair: To master frizz, take two-inch sections. If you rather want to straighten it, divide your mane into smaller sections. To get an idea of ​​their thickness, compare them to the width of the appliance. That is the measure!

8. Your iron does not know cleanliness: Oh my God! Apply alcohol with a cloth to remove all kinds of residue; Yes, disconnect it and make sure it is very cold.

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