5 Tips To Avoid Dry Skin On Cold Days

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5 Tips To Avoid Dry Skin On Cold Days
5 Tips To Avoid Dry Skin On Cold Days
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During the winter, should I increase the use of soap and water to wash my face? NEVER. Research from the University of Iowa points out that this is a mistake that all women make during the winter. In any case, what you do have to use as an obligation is an optimal quality moisturizer.

So that you do not commit "injustices" with your skin during these cold days, Siempre Mujer asked Dr. Alicia Barba for her best tips to avoid desquamation or dryness at this time of year.

Always Woman (SM): What is the beauty routine that any woman should follow during these cold days?

Dra. Barba: On cold days it is important to be aware of avoiding dry skin. You will notice that your skin is dry because it itches and is predisposed to irritations and rashes. Find cleansers with moisturizers, and hydrate your skin every morning … not only the face but also the neck, chest, arms, feet and also the armpits. Use a deodorant rich in moisturizers. Dove Dry Spray protects 48 hours against sweating and bad odor, but also cares for very sensitive skin.

SM: During the fall / winter our lips get too dry. What natural product could help us counteract that problem?

Dra. Barba: Wear a scarf when it is very windy to protect your lips. Look for lipsticks rich in natural oils, such as jojoba, vitamin E, coconut oil, and olive oil. Avoid sucking or licking your lips, thinking that the wetness of the saliva helps to moisturize because it is the opposite. The enzymes in saliva dry out the lips more, since they exist to digest food.

SM: What is the ideal cream for these cold days? How many times a day should we apply it?

Dra. Barba: Look for those that contain ingredients such as ceramides, coconut oil, shea butter, hyaluronic acid, shea butter and glycerin. If you suffer from irritations, look for products that do not contain many ingredients and are fragrance-free.

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SM: For this season there are some beauty products that we should stop using. Which are?

Dr. Barba: Winter is a good time to repair the damage you did in the summer. You just have to be careful not to dry the skin too much with the hygiene or beauty routine. Personally, I avoid a lot of manual exfoliation in the winter to avoid removing natural oils.

SM: And to keep the skin of the body healthy, what routine should I follow?

-Wash with a mild cleansing cream.

-Apply sunscreen.

-Depending on the age or condition of the skin, the night routine is a good time to nourish or repair the skin. Use anti-aging products, or anti-acne or anti-stain, for example.

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