Can My Hair Grow Faster?

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Can My Hair Grow Faster?
Can My Hair Grow Faster?
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Hair growth is one of the great obsessions that one usually has. Why doesn't it grow faster? Is there a product that can speed up this process?

This is the great question that surely some of you have asked yourself on many occasions, basically because hair is a canon of beauty and long hair, more and more.

However, regarding its growth there are several points that should not go unnoticed.

According to the experts, “it is important to know that our hair cycle is not synchronized and that it is constantly renewed; that is to say, that the scalp always has a majority of hair that is in the growth phase”. That said, it is worth knowing that “the average hair growth is approximately 0.4 millimeters a day. And it does it more quickly between the ages of 16 and 46”. Of course, while there is hair growing, another falls.

Today there are no products that make your hair grow faster, what does affect, for example, is pregnancy. They knew it? Yes, according to experts, there are different hormonal factors that directly influence hair growth.

What it is convenient to do is strengthen it so that this growth is constant and the hair that grows does not fall.

In other words, their efforts should be aimed at strengthening the hair and in this sense, they should not lose sight of these routines:

Drink plenty of water: We do not want to be heavy, but water is also essential in this case. Do not forget to drink two liters daily. Also, avoid drinking a lot of caffeine and take the sun with caution.

Consume at least two liters of water per day to prevent dry scalp. Sunbathe with caution and avoid caffeine consumption.

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6 things you should NEVER do to your hair

Manage stress: Stress is a great enemy for hair health and a fantastic ally for hair loss. Control high voltage periods.

Good nutrition: It is so important that your diet includes all the necessary vitamins … Among them, vitamin A that will help your hair grow in a healthy way. Note that it is found in carrots and eggs.

Washing: Try not to wash your hair every day, but every two or three days. In the end if they do it on a daily basis, their hair will weaken and they will not be able to get their full mane.

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