Lizzie Velásquez And Her Hard Experience With Bullying

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Lizzie Velásquez And Her Hard Experience With Bullying
Lizzie Velásquez And Her Hard Experience With Bullying

Video: Lizzie Velásquez And Her Hard Experience With Bullying

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Video: Overcoming bullying: An inspirational video -- Lizzie Velasquez 2023, January

Lizzie Velásquez's story is one of bravery, admiration and kindness. This 27-year-old Texan has turned her life into an inspiration for millions of people. She was born with a strange disease that prevents her from gaining weight, she lost sight in one eye and has had several health complications. Many people have treated her cruelly, but she has used these experiences to motivate and empower those who like her have been victims of bullying. In October, the month of the fight against bullying, Lizzie joined forces with the deodorant brand Secret to prevent and combat this phenomenon, and continues to raise awareness through her YouTube channel, on social networks, with her books and conferences. Get to know it a little better.

SM What is beauty for you?

LV For me, beauty is who you are inside. After discovering a video on YouTube that called me "the ugliest woman in the world", I was devastated, but I knew I had two options. I could let the words of others define me, or I could use the qualities that make me unique to help myself and others. I opted for the second option, and a year later, my former assistant principal at the college asked me to share my story with her students. During that talk, there was a time when I felt a connection to the audience. Knowing that my words were going to have a positive impact on their lives gave me confidence. I think we can radiate beauty by accepting our individualism and sharing it with the world.

SM What would you say to people fighting against low self-esteem?

LV You are unique and beautiful just as you are. It is normal to go through moments of low self-esteem, but believe me the day will come when you feel totally sure of yourself. It's easy to let the words of others define us, but I like to believe that the only way to feel victimized is by allowing ourselves this feeling. I want you to know that you are not alone. If you are reading this, know that I am with you.

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SM What is your daily beauty routine like?

LV I always go from one place to another, so I like to keep my routine very simple. I use a face cream every day and do little makeup. I love the natural look! I almost always have a foundation and concealer, a little blush, mascara, and voila!

SM What are your 3 makeup essentials for a special event?

LV A mascara, a good highlighter and a vibrant lipstick. I love the Nars and Tarte brands.

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