How To Remove Scars From The Skin

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How To Remove Scars From The Skin
How To Remove Scars From The Skin

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The marks or scars on the skin are much more common than you can imagine. They occur after wounds, acne or small pimples that we remove without care and, sometimes, although we take care of them, they end up leaving marks as well.

So, what to do? The first thing that should be highlighted is what not to do once the wound in question is already part of the skin. In this sense, the experts agree in unison in their recommendations.

Sun: Never let the sun shine directly on any of your scars. There is no worse enemy than him. It darkens them and consequently they become more difficult to remove. Always go out with sun protection, especially in summer, when the sun is stronger.

Wound care : Always take care of the wound from the first moment. However small it may be. "When a wound occurs, it must be treated immediately, cleaning and disinfecting the area," experts say.

Never remove a scab: It is usually one of the big mistakes, believing that since it has almost fallen we can throw a little of it … Error! Never remove a scab because you will have a better chance that your brands end up being part of you.

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* Home remedies:

Yes, there are many remedies that should be considered. And most importantly, they won't wreak havoc on your pockets, so get down to business. Here we offer some tips with the help of various specialists.

1. Lemon juice: This ingredient must be a must in your kitchens. "Squeeze your juice and mix it with two tablespoons of milk. Spread this mixture on the area and when it dries, apply the pulp of an aloe vera stalk, then cover with gauze or a dressing. Let it work overnight and in the morning apply a moisturizer."

2. Honey: Prepare a mixture with honey and a tablespoon of sugar. Massage the area in circular motions and then rinse.

3. Milk: “Boil half a liter of milk, remove the cream and store it in the fridge until it is solid. Place it on the wound for 20 minutes, holding it with a bandage. Repeat every day until you see the wound go away.

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