The Most Daring Look Changes Of The Famous In

The Most Daring Look Changes Of The Famous In
The Most Daring Look Changes Of The Famous In
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That saying of "new year, new life" has been put into practice on countless occasions and the best, or most fun, is that it has also reached the field of beauty.

Our celebrities have been some of those who have applied “scissor therapy” to change their habits and give 2016 a different air. Do you want to review some of the best in 2016?

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Selena Gómez: Your change has been one of the most recent and one of the most commented. And, as everyone will know, this year 2016 has not been an easy year for the singer, who has had to leave the stage due to a major health problem. Of course, her face is the reflection of the soul and little by little it seems that she is already finding the strength that characterized her so much.

Kristen Stewart: The actress is one of the most chameleonic and generally changes her look quite regularly, regardless of whether there are roles that require it. It shows that she likes to change and that is one of her characteristics. With her platinum blonde she dazzled in more than one red carpet.

Kylie Jenner: Without a doubt, her change to platinum blonde was one of the most commented on social media. She left everyone open-mouthed, although later she decided to return to her origins with her dark hair.

Jennifer Lopez: Even if it's for the role she plays in ABC's Shades of Blue series, this curly-looking half-bob gives her a totally different, more dynamic and youthful look, and we love it.

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Kendall Jenner: Much more discreet, Kendall also opted to undergo a makeover and trim her lob hair, a few months ago already.

Aracely Arambula: Also for screenplay reasons, Aracely wore this look with curly short hair and red hair to give life to the protagonist of the Telemundo novel, La Doña, and the truth is that it suits her very well.

Miranda Kerr: She was also one of the models that went through scissors in 2016 with a flattering bob cut.

Jennifer Lawrence: She looked gorgeous at the last Oscar ceremony with a brand-new platinum blonde and lob cut, although she returned to the extensions within a few weeks.

What will 2017 have in store for you?

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