Homemade Cream And Scrub To Eliminate Cellulite (VIDEO)

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Homemade Cream And Scrub To Eliminate Cellulite (VIDEO)
Homemade Cream And Scrub To Eliminate Cellulite (VIDEO)
Video: Homemade Cream And Scrub To Eliminate Cellulite (VIDEO)

Heaviness, ankle edema, cramps, cold feet, varicose veins and spontaneous bruising are some of the symptoms that warn you that cellulite is forming in your arms, abdomen, legs and buttocks

One of the main culprits for orange peel skin is genetics, but it is also triggered by being overweight, sedentary or not exercising, eating an excessive calorie diet, consuming sodium, stress, consuming alcohol and tobacco, wearing clothes adjusted, hormonal factors, circulatory disorders and even standing for a long time.

And is that when you want to wear a bikini, skirt, dress or short, your concern focuses on how your legs look. You want to have them perfectly shaved, free of pimples and, of course, of those annoying dimples called cellulite.

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15 minute routine to eliminate cellulite from legs and buttocks (VIDEO)

There are many home remedies to reduce your appearance and even prevent it. According to the girls on the ActitudFem portal, the following recipe you can prepare at home will give you results just a few days after using it.

What I need?

100 grams of baby cream, of any brand.

20 drops of orange essential oil.

3 or 5 drops of cinnamon essential oil.


Put the 100 grams of cream in a jar and add the orange and cinnamon oil. Mix and close the jar for 10 hours. Subsequently, mix again and apply to the damaged areas in circular movements until completely absorbed. Apply it every day to achieve better results and remember to discard any leftover of this cream after three weeks because the products will no longer be fresh and their properties are not the same.

We also recommend applying this coffee scrub. Many of the beauty products you find in stores contain caffeine, as it is ideal for reactivating circulation, which reduces the formation of fat deposits. Are you willing to try it? Learn how to prepare it!

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