Highlights Tiger Eye: The New Trend To Wear On Hair This

Highlights Tiger Eye: The New Trend To Wear On Hair This
Highlights Tiger Eye: The New Trend To Wear On Hair This
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It is a fact, the balayage will continue this 2017! And recently the tiger eye highlights or tiger eye highlights were made. This new hair trend, which turned the female sex on its head, imitates the brown and gold tones so characteristic of the stones, since they simulate nature. Those who change their look to be fashionable will give more warmth to their faces.

The coloring technique is very similar to balayage, but these look more for earth, copper and hazel tones. Stylists perform a freehand rinse so that the hair is lightened in just a couple of shades.

Eduardo Sánchez, a stylist, explained to El País that the technique is specially made for dark hair: “It is not a coloration to change the color, in no case does it try to turn a blonde into a brunette. We only move from one to two shades to bring incredible light to the hair. The wicks are worked combining the golden colors, honeys and hazelnuts ", while adding that" it is a way to bring more light and depth to the dark wicks ".

Being a recommendation for brunette and brunette girls, we could already notice that celebrities have quickly joined her. Such is the case of the Diva of the Bronx, Jennifer López.

As you can see, the end result is a brighter brown mane with light sparkles that soften any face. This trend looks great on hair with natural waves, creating even more relief and depth. Surprise yourself with the end result!

The best news is that you don't need to spend three or four hours in the beauty salon to change your look. The only thing you have to invest is 40 to 60 minutes, depending on the length of the hair. In addition, it works excellent on midi or long hair, since the idea is that the effect of the gradient is appreciated.

Other differences with the balayage is that it is characterized by using 1 to 3 colors lighter than the natural base, while the tiger eyes are more marked. In addition, the first ones are applied all over the hair, while the second ones, at strategic points that will serve to give light.

Another mane that took over the tiger's eye is that of Alexa Chung, who proposes a very personal look with midi mane, her classic open bangs and dazzling waves.

Maintenance is similar to all types of lighting. This means that it requires a color bath every month and a half, and using daily care products, such as shampoo and conditioner without sodium to protect the color, a mask to hydrate it and drops of natural oil to add shine.

And as we always recommend, to apply any type of coloring to your hair, you need to visit your trusted stylist so that he or she can recommend the shades you need and how to adapt this new trend to the strands of your hair.

After learning about this new trend, are you willing to change your appearance? You already realized that the results are quite nice and that the change is total!

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