5 Benefits Of Using A Raw Potato In Your Beauty Routine

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5 Benefits Of Using A Raw Potato In Your Beauty Routine
5 Benefits Of Using A Raw Potato In Your Beauty Routine

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Video: 5 Amazing Benefits & Uses of Potato Juice for your Skin and Face. 2023, February

French style, mashed potatoes, cold salad and even potato cake, those are some of the options you have to use this vegetable in your kitchen, but you NEVER imagined that it could do wonders in your beauty routine

Although it seems very crazy, the raw potato is a potentializer in skin care. It is one of those homemade products that you have on hand, capable of removing even stains from your face. It is rich in vegetable starch, carbohydrates and vitamin C.

In addition to being used in anyone's healthy diet, potatoes play a fundamental role in skin care. Its content of vitamin C keeps the skin healthy, in addition to that this vegetable starch is beneficial for the following purposes:


1. Say goodbye to dark circles: That dark appearance that covers the entire area of ​​the eyes makes you look tired, so many times you turn to cucumber slices to reduce inflammation and its color. The same function can be done by potatoes, which promote circulation in this sensitive area and reduce the dilation of the blood vessels that are concentrated in these areas.

And how should I place them on my eyes? Cut two 1-centimeter-thick slices of raw potato, mash them with a fork, and divide evenly. Place each one on a linen scarf and then put them on the dark circles for 20 minutes. You will notice impressive results!

2. Removes stains from the face: During pregnancy, exposure to the sun or carelessness with makeup products, these are some factors that promote the appearance of stains on any face, arms, neck or any part of the woman's face. Body.

According to the Guide What portal, the raw potato is so powerful that it reduces the impact or visibility of facial spots associated with age or the passage of time.

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What I need?

The pulp of a small potato.

1 cucumber.

1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.

Preparation: Grate the potato and cucumber well. In a cup, place both ingredients and include the vinegar. Apply with a cotton ball in mask mode and leave to act for 20 minutes. Then wash with cold water.

3. Against premature aging: There are women - myself included - who want to stay young for life. They say that youth is in the soul, but neither me nor you are deceiving us, because external appearance counts a lot.

If you expose yourself to the sun between 10 am and 3:30 pm without protection, you don't drink enough water and you don't apply moisturizers to your skin, the epidermis ages. Just perform a small facial massage with a slice of raw potato. Of course, before doing this procedure, you should make sure to wash your face well.

4. Dries acne: Regardless of gender, women and men suffer the same way when their face is invaded by unsightly acne. However, due to its content in vitamin C, potassium, copper and sulfur, the specialists of Best with Health recommend using the potato among their beauty products to eliminate all those toxins.

The procedure that you must do is the same as that of premature aging, but unlike this you should not wash your face but leave the product to work overnight.

5. Hair mask: In addition to benefiting the skin, the raw potato mixed with other ingredients is extremely powerful. Prepare the following recipe to place on the hair:

-Ralt a raw potato to a smooth paste and squeeze out its juice.

-Mix that water with a whole egg, three drops of lemon and two cups of plain yogurt.

-Apply the mixture on your hair from the roots to the ends. Let it react for 20 to 30 minutes. Wash as usual. Do this process every 20 days for excellent results. You will not regret!

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