Facial Yoga Exercises To Avoid Wrinkles On The Face And Neck In 3 Minutes (VIDEO)

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Facial Yoga Exercises To Avoid Wrinkles On The Face And Neck In 3 Minutes (VIDEO)
Facial Yoga Exercises To Avoid Wrinkles On The Face And Neck In 3 Minutes (VIDEO)
Video: Facial Yoga Exercises To Avoid Wrinkles On The Face And Neck In 3 Minutes (VIDEO)
Video: How To Reduce Neck Lines With This 3 Minute Face Yoga Sequence 2023, February

Not only moisturizers or Botox work to prevent the dreaded wrinkles. Facial gymnastics is also one of the ways you can keep your facial muscles and skin looking youthful. In addition to being economical, all you need to do is spend time every day to increase the vitality of the body's largest organ, which you lose as the years go by.

Every facial yoga session usually consists of a combination of exercises that focus on the face to combat aging. They are those movements that you can perform every day in the comfort of your home, because the muscles that make up the face are small and do not tire.


Now, find time to learn this facial yoga routine so you can do it every day. It is helpful to perform these exercises in front of a mirror to make sure you are moving the correct muscle. With this technique, you will delay the appearance of crow's feet, wrinkles on the forehead, expression lines, sagging double chin and even eye bags. Do not miss it!

And is that facial yoga has various benefits. In an article published by the portal La Opinion some of them are mentioned:

1. It transports oxygen to the different areas of the face, which results in a more hydrated and fresh skin.

2. Minimizes the appearance of expression lines that usually appear on the forehead, eyes and around the lips.

3. Being a natural therapy, you will not have problems with side effects.

4. Reduces eye fatigue and headaches caused by stress or tiredness.

5. You release yourself from tension.

6. Improves the texture and appearance of the skin.

7. It is proven that yoga generates a feeling of well-being that benefits the body and the mind.

Another procedure to avoid premature aging

Of course, in addition to facial exercises, homemade recipes also help you to have more beautiful skin. In Japan there is an ingredient that you use a lot in the kitchen and that they use for this purpose: it is rice. This grain is an excellent toner for the skin because it contains inositol, ideal to stop aging, as well as to stimulate blood circulation. In addition, it is rich in vitamin B, which stimulates softness and reduces the appearance of facial blemishes.

If you are determined to prepare this mask, to notice its results you need:

-3 tablespoons of organic brown rice, it must be free of pesticides.

-1 1/2 tablespoon of distilled water.

-2 tablespoons of avocado.

-1/2 tablespoon of honey.

Preparation: Put the rice to cook with the water. When the rice is soft, separate it from the water and reserve both parts. Later what you have to do is add avocado and honey to the rice. With the help of a spoon, stir well until creating a homogeneous paste and when ready, apply it to the skin. Let your face absorb all its properties for at least 20 minutes. After that time, remove with a cotton ball and clean your face with the rice water you had obtained from its preparation, in order to exfoliate and free it of impurities. It's really simple, so it's worth a try.


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