6 Haircuts That Are In Fashion This Spring-summer (PHOTOS)

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6 Haircuts That Are In Fashion This Spring-summer (PHOTOS)
6 Haircuts That Are In Fashion This Spring-summer (PHOTOS)
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Having shiny hair and free of split ends is the dream of any girl. However, the change of season is your worst enemy, as high or low temperatures cause irreparable damage. Spring and summer will be here soon, so the idea of ​​cutting your hair for a different look and healthier hair during these two seasons is not such a bad idea.

Remember that during these months when the trees begin to bloom and the temperature tends to be more pleasant, the hair usually falls out more easily, but you should not be scared because it is totally normal. If you face this fall, it is essential that you know that up to 100 strands of hair can fall out per day, because just like the skin it has to be renewed to gain quality, and the way to do it is precisely that. If this situation lasts more than three months, it is necessary that you go to a dermatologist.


Stylist Jean Louis David explains on his website that he usually recommends women to cut their hair before the holidays to avoid weakening it in the sun, sea or sand and although it is more a matter of aesthetics, there are no perfect times to make hair grow faster.

Tips for hair care in spring

We cannot teach you what those cuts are in this spring 2017 without first giving you some tips to take care of your hair during these next months.

-Balanced diet: What do my meals have to do with my hair? Everything! So you have heard nutritionists or someone else say, "You are what you eat." Hair and nails are the first parts of the body that reflect symptoms of lack of nutrients.

-Wash your hair when it is dirty: If you went out to exercise and the sweat was excessive, wash it even if you did it yesterday. Do not believe in myths that if you wash it frequently, your hair will fall out, in the same way it will if you do it every three days because you will lose 150 to 300 hairs.

-Hair dryers and flat irons damage the hair fiber: And remove the shine from the hair when you use them regularly and at high temperatures.


Now yes, more prepared to face this season, you have the possibility to choose the way you will cut your hair

1.Short bob: With bangs and for straight hair. Its appearance is elegant, it has rectangular or oval lines and it is perfect for you if you have completely straight hair. If you're a fan of caring for it and that obsession has helped you keep it shiny and groomed, this cut will give you a more chic look.

2. Creative Bob: It's the cut you already know with flamboyant wisps of hair that overlap above the main line, precise and pronounced. You will wear a youthful, extravagant and modern look.

3. Cascade: If you have a long mane, a cascade cut is modern and gives you a lot of style. The most important thing is that it favors any girl and it will look even more fashionable if you give a more bohemian touch to your image by separating the strands.

4. Pointed medium hair: It is another of the midi haircuts that resurfaces this 2017. Being blunted, it offers a lot of texture and light waves and with them you will get a more messy effect. If you choose it, you should think that it is a haircut that requires a natural finish, favors all faces and also makes you look much younger.

5. Seventies bangs: It is still the protagonist and it is long and thick. The key to wearing it is that you let it grow naturally; that is, do not try to use a hair dryer to gain texture. If you want to smooth the ends, use the iron.

6. Long, but with waves: Although this year it is the middle hair that reigns, that does not mean that the long is going to die, only if your mane meets this characteristic, you have to give it a little more movement with waves and apply colors such as the tiger eye or balayage style. Beautiful!

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