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Get The Karla Souza Look
Get The Karla Souza Look
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Video: Karla Souza on Filming Loves Scenes for HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER! 2023, February

The beautiful Mexican actress from the hit TV series How to Get Away with Murder (ABC) and the film Everybody Loves Somebody tells you her most personal loves.

Your workout: Hot Yoga. I sweat and remove all toxins and excess water. It is a practice of body and mind that gives me moments to meditate and see the emotional baggage that I carry that day

A guilty pleasure: The ranch eggs. A little spice awakens my palate

Your favorite book: I just read Love Warrior. It encourages me to be completely me without asking permission

What makes you laugh: My two-year-old nephew, because his laugh is genuine and pure

A passion: Reading transports me to the depths of my soul

Your celebrity crush: Olympic gymnast Simone Biles. She is a woman who does not let her be pigeonholed or fear steal her dreams

The most beautiful memory: When I managed to forgive what I thought was unforgivable

The phrase you use the most: "Shut up!"

Something you cannot miss: My family. Oh and

What super power would you like to have: Being in the present without wanting to be in the past or the future

Your favorite products:

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