7 Makeup Trends You Have To Wear This Spring - Summer (PHOTOS)

7 Makeup Trends You Have To Wear This Spring - Summer (PHOTOS)
7 Makeup Trends You Have To Wear This Spring - Summer (PHOTOS)

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You have red, pink, coral, purple, red wine lipsticks, but you want more, more and more. I don't know if it's consumerism or just that you're the # 1 makeup fanatic.

With the change of weather, there are also moods and even wanting to change your look. The arrival of spring and summer puts you in good spirits because you have more freedom to play with your freshest outfits, with the most vivid colors from the palette of your make up kit and, of course, with your hair. We already talked about the haircuts that will be trending this spring 2017, so this time it corresponds to what will be the most in when to paint the eyes, eyelashes and lips.

Before going into detail, beauty specialists say that for this spring-summer the main trend is natural, mainly during the day. If the skin of your face is healthy, clean and protected, the light bases that contain sun protection in its formula are for you. Here we tell you one by one how you should apply your cosmetics to be fashionable, because like clothes, makeup is also cyclical.

1. Fresh skin: That your goal is to achieve a fresher and brighter skin so that you can play with outdoor looks. The moisturizing bases with cream and color, illuminators and products that add shine to the skin will be the departure, in addition to the bronze tones.

The little excess is the key for you to walk without makeup and to dazzle with a more natural appearance. To achieve this “washed face” effect, the tricks you have to follow are to conceal dark circles and pimples with a light concealer, apply the same skin tone base and give some points of light with an illuminator.

2. Eyes: The explosion of color will be important! All shades of blue are the protagonists during both seasons, in addition to accompanying them with masks and color liners such as blue, green, lilac, yellow and fuchsia.

3. Eyeliner: We have already recommended several types of eyeliner, so take into account that during these months of the year when the weather is almost perfect, the visible and marked is ideal. The black eyeliner is the essential cosmetic to trace this type of liner, with it you achieve an impact look.

4. Lipsticks: They are my favorites! And surely yours too. Lip gloss, matte texture, coral, and the cherry tone will be the trend again to be the protagonist in the most sophisticated, attractive and sexy looks.

5. Beach look: Specifically during the summer when the sun shines in its maximum splendor is when you take a well-deserved vacation and escape to the beach. On your relaxing days, you can never stop wearing makeup mainly for night events. For this, your ally kit is concealer, a natural base, eyeliner, mascara and a red lipstick.

6. Contouring: If you are a fan of this technique that Kim Kardashian made fashionable, you have nothing to fear because it will continue to be used, only that it is recommended that you apply it only for parties or special events.

7. Strobing: It is widely used by celebrities and models, as it pursues a natural and luminous look that enhances fresh and natural skin above all else.

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