How To Straighten Hair With Cornstarch And Without The Iron (VIDEOS)

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How To Straighten Hair With Cornstarch And Without The Iron (VIDEOS)
How To Straighten Hair With Cornstarch And Without The Iron (VIDEOS)
Video: How To Straighten Hair With Cornstarch And Without The Iron (VIDEOS)
Video: STRAIGHTEN YOUR HAIR PERMANENTLY AT HOME!! With only 1 ingredient 2023, February

Women like you are never satisfied with what they have, they always want more! and they have every right. Some “suffer” because they are thin, others because just by looking at the food they are already gaining weight or even because their hair is more rebellious than that of their teenage sister. It's terrible!

The truth is that for most women, their appearance matters a lot. They always want to combine their successful outfits with well-groomed, hydrated and shiny manes. There are those who prefer to leave it in the best style of Victoria's Secret model María Borges or Naomi Campbell; however, others are more inclined towards a straight Kylie Jenner style. But how do I do it?

We already know that they have the privilege of having stylists who fix their manes for huge sums of money; however, you or I are not so lucky. That does not mean that you do not have the possibility of having enviable, silky and full of life hair without the need to apply a hair straightener that mistreats, dries and damages it.

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Just to help you, we have compiled a series of ways to straighten your hair with different procedures, without the need for heat.

You will be surprised to know that in your kitchen is the solution to your problems when combing your hair. With cornstarch you will achieve an impressive straight. Also, according to Bessy Dressy, the finish is very smooth.

Fitness and beauty blogger Patry Jordan reveals her best tricks. Rollers, bath towel and bobby pins are some of the items he uses. Pay attention!

Straight without much effort

Other ways that your hair is straight are:

Brush: It will come to your head as the Disney princesses combed their long hair and always wore them in unbeatable condition. We know it is fantasy, but it does not stray from reality. When you brush after exiting the shower by pressing on the ends with the use of beauty products made for that purpose, it is much easier.

Using a towel: Instead of brushing, apply pressure to the hair with the towel until it dries completely. The material from which the blanket is made will prevent the much hated frizz from forming. For a better finish, apply straight hair cream and brush.

Blower: This is one of the most well-known and performed methods in beauty salons. Of course, put your hair dryer in the cold air option to prevent the heat from rippling or Chinese.

Egg and milk: Just as you read it! It is well known that the egg makes the mane shiny. What you need to prepare this mask is: an egg and two cups of milk. Mix both ingredients in a bowl, soak your hair and put on a shower cap to make sure it doesn't spill and do its job. Both foods strengthen the proteins in the hair strands, which will make it straighter for longer.

Wait 30 minutes to an hour, then wash with plenty of water, as well as aloe vera shampoo and conditioner, which has straightening properties. Do you dare to apply egg to your hair? We do!


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