How To Prepare A Black Mask To Eliminate Blackheads And Open Pores (VIDEO)

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How To Prepare A Black Mask To Eliminate Blackheads And Open Pores (VIDEO)
How To Prepare A Black Mask To Eliminate Blackheads And Open Pores (VIDEO)
Video: How To Prepare A Black Mask To Eliminate Blackheads And Open Pores (VIDEO)
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Do you hate blackheads? You are not the only one! Women faithful to homemade masks, beauty tips and social networks know the curiosity generated by looking at a post on Facebook in which they talk about how to eliminate blackheads and open pores. Its presence is as common and unsightly as acne because the skin does not breathe properly.

Blackheads often develop from clogged open pores, sometimes from excess oil or even dead cells, hence the importance of cleaning the face in the morning and before bed. When the pore becomes clogged, the skin's natural oil does not flow to the surface, creating a hardness. When this oil is exposed to oxygen, it turns dark and thus the black spot appears.

Although the real reasons for its origin are the increase in hormones such as androgens, the excessive use of makeup and even cleaning products that, when mixed with the body's natural fat, block the pores.

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A few months ago a pigment and activated carbon mask that you buy in beauty stores was very trendy. Today you are going to learn how to prepare a very similar one from the comfort of your home. You will be surprised by the results, since it removes all kinds of "dirt" that penetrates the skin of your face over time.

What do you need? One of its ingredients is unflavored gelatin. Find out what the others are by following the video and the most important thing is that you must learn to prepare it to apply it on the nose, chin, cheekbones, around the lips and on the forehead.

Do not give up

    Start by exfoliating your skin with sugar and cream or another scrub as a treatment for open pores. In this way you free the face of dirt and grease that you "collect" from the environment. In doing so, you sweep up all kinds of “intruders” that want to penetrate the skin. Do this procedure 2 to 3 times a week and preferably after the shower.

    • When applying the scrub, massage mainly on areas such as the nose, cheekbones and chin, as they are most likely to have this "poor hygiene" appearance. Then always choose cold water to rinse your face.

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    Always use moisturizer before applying any makeup product to prevent it from seeping into the pores.

    • Egg whites are effective against open pores. How do I apply them? And why are they so effective? Perhaps you think unpleasant just thinking about that sticky sensation, but for the beauty, everything … Its high content of amino acids, rejuvenates the skin and unclogs the pores; that is, it makes the skin get rid of excess oil if you have oily skin. To prepare it you just have to beat the white of an egg, apply it and let it dry. When it is dry, you will wash as usual and comply with doing it at least twice a week. Be very persistent!
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