10 Pigtails Easy To Make To Wear On Any Occasion (PHOTOS)

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10 Pigtails Easy To Make To Wear On Any Occasion (PHOTOS)
10 Pigtails Easy To Make To Wear On Any Occasion (PHOTOS)

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Video: 7 EASY Ponytails for Spring and Summer! | Twist Me Pretty 2023, February

My friend and co-worker Victoria tells me that a simple hairstyle in any beauty salon in New York does not come down from a “cake doll” or, let's not go too far, just by having to go to the office every day, It is a reason to want to take care of your hair, comb it in different ways without needing to invest a lot of time. Sometimes you even prefer to do a ponytail rather than let it loose because it requires much more care. Sweat, wind and rain spoil it with the hours and you will never want to walk in the best Gloria Trevi style in the 90s.

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Youtuber Patry Jordan, in addition to having her Fitness channel on YouTube called GymVirtual, also dabbles in other areas such as beauty tips. Snooping through her videos we found a very useful one that captivated us from the first moment we saw her. In it she teaches you to make 10 different types of pigtails with the use of a garter and a hair loop, which is very useful and surely is the first time you see or know of its use. Before you ask us where to buy it, let's give you the information here. Its price is only embed / videoseries? List = PLE6FJ8eRpVldfXruQ5dJ-oyGSWOMALMR2 "frameborder =" 0 "allowfullscreen>

Daytime hair care

Prevents oily hair: If, as the day goes by, you feel that your hair begins to look too shiny and takes on that dirty appearance, the best way to prevent it is when washing it. When you are enjoying your shower in the morning -at any time-, wash your hair with your fingertips in gentle and zigzag movements so that fat production is reduced

2. Dry with the towel: Do it delicately because otherwise you mistreat it and it becomes more rebellious when ironing or leaving it alone.


3. Detangling: Always soft, after applying conditioner. Help yourself with a wide toothbrush to remove knots more easily. Remember that this product must be applied from the middle to the ends to avoid that appearance of dirt.

4. Apply mayonnaise: To eliminate that dryness caused by hair dyes or even salty sea water, apply this ingredient that you have in your kitchen. Follow the recipe for this mask in the following video.

5. Do not abuse the heat: Emitted by tongs, iron or dryer. They make great friends because they make your beauty routine easier, but they become lethal weapons for hair because it dries out and looks dull.

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