9 Haircuts That Will Be In Fashion This Summer (PHOTOS)

9 Haircuts That Will Be In Fashion This Summer (PHOTOS)
9 Haircuts That Will Be In Fashion This Summer (PHOTOS)

Video: 9 Haircuts That Will Be In Fashion This Summer (PHOTOS)

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Just as sunscreen, a hat and sandals can not be missed during this time of year, your hair is one of the aspects that you have to take the most care of due to exposure to the sun, salty sea water, and not to mention the pool chemicals. Obviously, as a woman you always like to be fashionable and want to be at the forefront of the haircuts worn during this new season of the year. Therefore, we recommend how to cut your hair this summer and look fresh.

1. Garçon: This cut is one of the classics, but keep in mind that it works perfectly for you if you have a round face or fine features. Wear it with a fringe and dare to wear it this summer 2017 because it is a trend.

2. Shaggy: Fall in love with a more tousled and seventies style. The wind is one of the characteristics that defines this season of the year, so a mane with movement and revolt will not give you a problem.

3. Carré: One of our favorites! It is because it is a French classic. Ask your stylist to guide you because you can combine it with bangs, middle parting or even waves. You will not have a problem with high temperatures if you are inclined to change your look with this cut.

4. Wavy: Latinas have a term for that hair that is neither straight nor curly, we say that it is "repentant"; that is, he never decided on either of them. If this is your case, cut it wavy with a stripe in the middle for a more sensual finish.

5. Chop: It made its mark in the 90s, but returns stronger this summer than ever. The key is to wear it with layers.

6. Long Bob: Obviously, there are girls who, no matter how high the temperature gets during the summer, are not willing to sacrifice the length of their hair. Go for the long bob and paint it with flashes of light one or two shades lighter than your hair.

7. Midi: Midi manes will be worn throughout this 2017, so we decided to include her in this list without hesitation.

8. Shaved: It is synonymous with having style. Would you dare shave your hair?

9. Length with bangs: You have to be clear and accept it. The length of your hair has its pros and cons, but everything has a solution except death, they say. Add long bangs and a touch of gringe to your long hair.

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