Easy Trick To Outline Your Eyes With A Pin (VIDEO)

Easy Trick To Outline Your Eyes With A Pin (VIDEO)
Easy Trick To Outline Your Eyes With A Pin (VIDEO)
Video: Easy Trick To Outline Your Eyes With A Pin (VIDEO)
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Delineating your eyes is a primary requirement when applying makeup. For those who consider themselves inexperienced when applying it, it is quite difficult for it to be perfect, but calm down because today you are going to learn how to do it with the help of a pin or hairpin.

Before showing you step by step how it is done, you have to know that complying with this step when it comes to painting your eyes will make your look look more intense, soften the features and even highlight your beautiful feminine features. Only you must take into account several tips for a perfect cat liner. Take note!


If your makeup is daytime, use a pencil or crayon liner, practical because when you apply them you achieve rigid lines.

  • If you are going for a party or going out at night, the presentations that you should use are those that come in paste, gel or liquid eyeliner. All of them give a more sophisticated finish.
  • For large round eyes, any type of liner is suitable.
  • Small eyes require a fine line so as not to shrink them too much.
  • If you come from a family with oriental descent, exaggerate the outline a little to give more prominence to your look.
  • If, on the other hand, your eyes are too close together, extend the outline towards the outer corners. And if they are far apart, do the opposite. Paint the inside corner of the eye and don't extend it beyond the edge.

Now, if you love cat liner, you cannot miss this effective, easy and economical trick that Malia, a makeup expert and who shared the trick she uses, teaches you. It is enough to have a pin or fork to be able to do it. See how easy it is to complete this step when applying makeup!

We already tried it and it really works. What's more, look among your hair accessories for a barrette and check the effectiveness of this simple trick. Your makeup will never be the same again and you will not suffer the moment you apply the eyeliner, because the pulse will no longer play tricks on you. Convinced to use the hairpin trick?

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