5 Hair Dyes That Make You Look Younger (PHOTOS)

5 Hair Dyes That Make You Look Younger (PHOTOS)
5 Hair Dyes That Make You Look Younger (PHOTOS)
Video: 5 Hair Dyes That Make You Look Younger (PHOTOS)
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Youth, divine treasure! You would like to go back to your 18 or 20, but with the maturity that you have now. And although we are clear that youth is not a time but a state of mind, women like you and me always go looking for beauty tips to take years away from our appearance, and one way to do this is by painting our hair in certain colors that make us look younger. And which are they?

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The shade of blonde that favors you according to your skin color (PHOTOS)

Experts recommend that the key is to choose a color very similar to natural; that is, if your hair is light brown, look for one very similar to that tone. In addition, they insist on taking care that these do not have ammonia, since it tends to damage your mane too much and later neither the mayonnaise, olive oil or egg masks can return the shine and softness to your hair.


Meanwhile, Schwarzkopf's stylists offer other tips:

  1. If you hesitate between two shades, always choose the lightest because it is more flattering than the dark shades.
  2. Do not leave out your haircut, it also influences! Ask your hairdresser to give your hair movement and let them know that you are willing to have locks that fall gracefully on your face. This frames the face and gives it softness.
  3. To make you look natural, use foam and lacquers with a soft hold.

Now, take note of what those anti-aging shades are and be sure to choose one that suits your skin tone, regardless of whether you are white, brunette or brown. There is for everyone!

1. Midtones: The golden rule in hair color says that too dark tones harden. So never think about painting your hair black to make your appearance look fresher. The key is to bring it to life and soften that dark tone with reflections in hazelnut or chocolate.

2. Light brown: Latinas like you are fascinated by renewing their closets, as well as their hair. If you are thinking of dyeing your hair, why not consider a chestnut? The ideal is to lighten your hair one or two shades to "cheat" your age. Never lean towards dark or black chestnuts because they highlight wrinkles.

3. Blondes: By inheritance, some girls at 30 see one or the other gray hair and that obviously worries them. Others, already entering 45 years of age, become more evident and natural. If you have this "problem", go for a honey tone or gold tints.

4. Coppery: They are alive and warm. Being also soft, they make your skin appear fresher.

5. Chocolate: We love it! This color works well for you regardless of whether you are brunette or white.

Oh, and very importantly, any of these hair dyes is better for a medium-length haircut and if you are very risky, change your style subtly every year. Say "NO" to the ash tones: Girls, I know they are very fashionable, but for this purpose they do not work. The bet for gray hair is sophisticated and retro, but it will never take years from your look and ultimately makes you look older. You want that? Never!

Never the reddish ones: The reddish coloration has three disadvantages: First, the reddish tones are reflected on the skin, which highlights the paleness. Two, the red pigments do not fix well on the skull; that is, there is no uniform result. And three, it attracts looks and betrays the fact of wanting to look younger. Blues, greens are also not acceptable … those are for teenage girls. Run away from them!

Of the recommended ones, what will be your next hair color? Tell us!

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