Hair Dyes That Favor You When You Are 20, 30, 40 Or 50 Years Old (PHOTOS)

Hair Dyes That Favor You When You Are 20, 30, 40 Or 50 Years Old (PHOTOS)
Hair Dyes That Favor You When You Are 20, 30, 40 Or 50 Years Old (PHOTOS)
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Red, blue or even green were some of the colors with which you painted your hair when you were just a young girl. However, as you evolve we are sure that now that you are over 20, 30, 40 or 50 years old, you would never be willing to repeat that experience that was fun at the time, but would now be crazy.

Now, just as your way of dressing changes over the years, the style of your hair also. Realize what are those hair dyes that favor you according to your age and so you will not be wrong after making a change of look. Don't take so much risk when it comes to taking care of your beauty!

Quinceañera: This is the time in life when you can be as risky as you want. Just as you can wear the haircut that best suits the shape of your face, you can choose the color that best matches the tone of your skin. For example, for those with white complexions, chestnut trees with flashes of light, blonde, red, black, among others. If you are a brunette, burgundy, light brown, the balayage technique and even violet are the best combination. From 15 to 20 years old everything is versatility!

At 20: Do not grieve, that the range of possibilities for you is still quite wide. One of them is the highlights, which become your main allies, highlighting your features and the tone of your skin.

Also bet on colors ronze, d ark gold rose and even bronde.

At 30: Yours are the darkest and most serious shades.

And if you prefer something different, dare to make yourself babylights. They are for you because it is not a tone that is uniform from root to tip, which gives movement, volume and naturalness to your appearance.

At 40: If you are a mature woman, you will be very happy to feel fully and obviously, although you are proud of your age, there are certain days when you want to look younger. Help yourself cover gray hair with blonde tones that soften the features and rejuvenate. Apply this advice with the tips that we gave you in a past information that we call: The blonde that favors you according to your skin color. Light colors add light and enhance volumes, but this does not mean that you opt for excessive platinum blonde. Using a couple of lighter shades than you wear sometimes is enough.

Also opt for those shades that are assimilated to the natural color of your hair, as it is the best anti-aging that exists. For example, if you are chestnut, try to paint your mane with a very similar color and so on.

At 50: From this age, it is advisable for you to flee from dark tones because they harden the look and make it opaque. Don't be afraid to wear woven or illuminated highlights that hide the much-hated gray hair, while illuminating your face. Of course, what is not in fashion for you are the Californian highlights or babyligths because they are for more youthful looks.

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