Say Goodbye To Localized Fat In Just 25 Minutes

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Say Goodbye To Localized Fat In Just 25 Minutes
Say Goodbye To Localized Fat In Just 25 Minutes
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We all know that exercise and good nutrition are the perfect allies when it comes to being in shape, but although many of us try to follow a good diet and exercise regimen, we did not manage to shape the figure or make those annoying chubby people disappear

Well, thank God we are in the age of technology and super-inventions and when it comes to eliminating that localized fat, SculpSure is undoubtedly one of them.

This revolutionary method is causing a furor in the country, since it allows to eliminate localized fat in 25-minute sessions.

But what is it and how does it work?

Siempre Mujer spoke with Dr. Dennis Gross, a dermatology specialist, who explained that SculpSure is the latest non-invasive laser technology that acts on localized fat deposits, and that permanently destroys up to 24 percent of the fat treated in one session, all this without going through the operating room.

So this wonderful non-invasive treatment will help you treat the most difficult areas such as the abdomen, arms, thighs and back.

Dr. Gross explains that during treatment, the machine heats the cells to a certain temperature to break the membranes, and the fat particles are absorbed by the lymphatic system and then are gradually eliminated in the urine.

It is painful?

Not only were we fortunate enough to speak to Dr. Gross, an expert on the subject, but we also underwent treatment. It hurt? No, although it is somewhat annoying since you feel like alternating peaks of heat and cold, it may be a little uncomfortable, but it is not painful.

Of course, the experience is quite fun, since not only are you waiting for the good results, but also SculpSure is like a kind of robot with 4 "arms" and heads that emit laser waves to the desired area.

Before starting the treatment, a conductive gel is applied to the part to be treated. The heads are attached to the area through tapes and come into contact with the skin. During the treatment you feel a heat period of 90 seconds followed by 20 seconds of cooling, so it does not feel too hot or cold. And 25 minutes later you are ready to go without any pain or disability.

This heat and cooling system avoids patient discomfort, says Dr. Gross.

Why is SculpSure better and not other laser technology?

- SculpSure is the only non-invasive lipolysis laser approved by the United States government agency FDA.

- SculpSure permanently destroys fat effectively, safely and non-invasively.

- It is a painless technique, which does not present side effects, nor does it require recovery periods.

- The SculpSure heads allow the laser to reach the entire area to be treated, uniformly destroying the fatty tissue to give contour and a smooth and even appearance of the skin.

- The amount of fat you lose with a single session is quite significant.

- Weeks after treatment your body gradually removes the content of those fat cells. You will look slimmer in that area because you lose body mass and you will see the results in 6 to 12 weeks.

Dr. Gross recommends doing 1 to 3 sessions, depending on the amount of fat the patient has and explains that you should wait between 3 and 6 weeks between one session and another. After each session it is important to drink plenty of fluids and do some cardiovascular exercise that will help more in the fat removal process.

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