8 Mistakes You Make With Your Hair And Make You Look Older (PHOTOS)

8 Mistakes You Make With Your Hair And Make You Look Older (PHOTOS)
8 Mistakes You Make With Your Hair And Make You Look Older (PHOTOS)
Video: 8 Mistakes You Make With Your Hair And Make You Look Older (PHOTOS)
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Over time the skin loses elasticity and the hair no longer has the same strength of 20; however, you do not have to be overwhelmed. Maintaining that youthful appearance is possible by avoiding making mistakes with your hair that make you look older. And what are those? We reveal them here!

1. Midi with curls: Changing the look of your mane is an inexpensive way to renew your appearance. What is not recommended is that if you have curls, the cuts too much because they make you look up to 5 years older. Opt for a less aggressive cut, keep the shape of your hair as long as it is dyed with a dye that will light up your face.

2. Dark Tints: If you are a Latina woman, never make the mistake of believing that a dark tint will take years away from you. The only thing these shades do is mark the expressions on your face.

3. Let it grow without limit: It is a complete mistake! As much as you love having hair with a considerable length, every seven weeks it is necessary that you allow yourself to be pampered by a professional, because in addition to shampoo, conditioner and homemade masks, it is your stylist who will make your hair look not lose its shape, shine and softness.

4. Granny hair: Hair fashion has been accepted and turned gray hair into a sensation. It seems absurd to believe that there are women who, at a certain age, cover their gray hair and others rather want to wear it with complete freedom and pride. If your case is to subtract years from your appearance, do not submit to the so often granny hair or "granny hair".

5. Become a blonde: We are not forbidding you to lighten your hair, but to adapt that blonde tint to the tone of your complexion. What's more, previously we talked about the blondes that favor you according to the color of your skin, so follow these tips and you will see how you rejuvenate in a matter of three or four hours, the time it takes for the dyeing process.

6. Elaborate Pickups: What Horror! It is the greatest mistake you can make because it moves you to another era. And if you add to that huge accessories, with glitters and pearls, you will look dated, older than you really are.

7. Ultra smooth hair: They tend to be generous, but they also add an extra year. Change that style for soft waves because it is one of those hairstyles that remain years by excellence.

8. Semi-collected: They are cute and practical, but they could add you one or two years.

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