6 Haircuts That Make You Look Thinner (PHOTOS)

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6 Haircuts That Make You Look Thinner (PHOTOS)
6 Haircuts That Make You Look Thinner (PHOTOS)
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Look slimmer without having to undergo extreme diets, that's the dream of women like you. It is there where beauty and fashion tricks come to our rescue, such as makeup, outfits and even haircuts. And how do I have to transform my hair to achieve this? Run right now to your stylist and change your look for one of these. It will make you very happy to see you with a few less pounds!

1.Long or scaled layers: Sometimes you rummage through magazines and beauty pages to find that haircut that lengthens your face. As everything has a solution except death, you will read that this style of mane is your best ally to fulfill your purpose as long as the first layer is in the middle of your chin and shoulders. All long hair is flattering!

2. Side bangs: With this cut, everything works in your favor because your appearance recovers even more youth, freshness and lightness.

3. Medium hair: Girls, curly hair is not recommended for women with a round face, but it is not a good idea to wear it completely straight. What does that have to do with the half mane?

Half-length cuts highlight your neck and make your figure look slender and fine. Try to keep your shoulders exposed to further enhance the sensuality of your neck, and that's where it becomes important not to wear it very curly, but not smooth. A few waves will be the perfect solution.

It will give a stylized effect to your look and, if that were not enough, opting for an uneven cut and with different layers will hide how round your face is. Point in your favor!

4. Are you tall or short ?: This factor also plays a fundamental role! Stylist Marta Wilczynski commented to Holadoctor that a tall girl is better suited for cuts with angles in the front to frame the face. For those of short stature, she recommends a cut to the shoulders diagonally in the front and shorter in the back. For tall girls

For short

5. Stripe to one side or to the center: With the obligation that your hair must have a considerable length.

6. Asymmetric pixie: Generally, short hair is not so flattering for this purpose, but there is one that does meet the objective and it is the asymmetrical pixie, a staggered cut with long, straight locks.

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