Eiza González Shares Her Best Beauty Secrets With Us

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Eiza González Shares Her Best Beauty Secrets With Us
Eiza González Shares Her Best Beauty Secrets With Us

The talented Mexican actress and singer Eiza González is very clear that it is important to take care of herself both inside and out and that is why she has joined Neutrogena as an ambassador for the brand, to tell us and share with us her best tricks to look as beautiful as she is. Do not miss the interview that we could do, in which she revealed some of her secrets.

Always Woman: Could you tell us what your beauty routine is before going to sleep?

EG: Every day before bed I clean my face well to remove excess makeup or mascara, after all day. I usually use Neutrogena Make up Remover Cleansing Towelettes towels, as they are very easy to use. What interests me most is cleaning the pores in a deep way and this cleaning system helps me to do this, since after an intense day of sun, stress, pollution, you have to be careful because the pores open and They close, they go through heat and cold processes, which can cause impurities to enter, which in the long term cause acne on the skin.

After this cleaning, I wash my face with soap. I think one of the most important things is to be consistent with skin cleaning routines, since at the end of the day our skin, like any other part of our body, has to be taken care of.

SM: What é do for your skin to recover after the long hours of filming?

EG: I really like to let my skin breathe when I get the chance and I'm not working on the shoot.

SM: We would love to know some beauty or makeup trick that always saves you at the last minute

EG: Any little touch on your look can save you from any situation; for example, a good lipstick like MoistureSmooth Color Stick that hydrates your lips, gives color to your mouth and at the same time gives a lot of life to any outfit you wear, even making you look fresher. I love to carry it everywhere in my bag and even if I don't have a bag, I keep it in my pants pocket or in my hand, but I always love to have it with me.

SM: As for your beauty essentials, what is it that you always carry in your makeup bag?

EG: Concealer, mascara and lipstick with color. I think you don't need anything else … For me always less is more: less makeup, more natural. And something that I always carry in my bag is a sunscreen, since it is very important to protect yourself from the sun's rays to avoid cancer and other skin diseases. I think you have to be very aware of the damage that the sun can cause. Applying sun cream is something so small and so easy to do that it should always be in our beauty routine.

SM: Imagine you had just 2 minutes to leave home with a perfect look … what har ies?

EG: I pull my hair back with the parting in the middle and a little licked, hydrate my skin, apply a little concealer and sunscreen, a little lipstick and I'm ready to go.

SM: The best recipe you have to keep the line and have the figure as you like

EG: I really like to exercise, more than anything because it helps me a lot to balance my anxiety, stress or nerves that I may have on a daily basis. It is a kind of escape for me. So exercise is definitely an important part of my daily life and I really like it. And as for the food, I am also quite balanced, there are times that due to my work I have to have a strict diet due to the demands of the script, so when I have free time and do not work, I try to be a little kinder to myself and not I limit myself so much … I indulge myself and try to be balanced, if one day I eat a pizza, the next day I eat a salad to compensate. For me the trick is to balance what the body asks of me and not be too hard on it.

SM: Wha é type of exercise you do to keep fit?

EG: I do everything from Pilates to Bikhram yoga. I like to do weights, run, do ballet, I like to be active in general.

SM: With so much work and so many hours of shooting… how do you find the balance to find time for yourself?

EG: Thank God I am lucky to dedicate myself to what I always wanted to dedicate myself to, which is acting. So in that aspect I could never complain, I would feel ungrateful doing it. But I try to have as my time alone, my space in my house. I really like being with myself in a room, I like to enjoy my animals, my dogs, go out to the garden, go for a walk in the mountains, I like to surf, I really like nature as a good Aquarian that I am.

SM: Any mania of beauty that you can confess to us …

EG: I have a very, very bad habit of touching my hair all the time …

SM: What are your next projects? Where are we going to see you?

EG: Right now I'm finishing making a movie in Vancouver with director Robert Zemeckis with Steve Carell, Diane Kruger, Janelle Monáe and Leslie Mann, which is amazing. You can also see me with Josh Hartnett in an independent film called Highway. And I have other projects for next year that I still can't say much, but I'll share it with you as soon as I can.

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