Facial Fillers: Important Points To Consider Before Applying Them

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Facial Fillers: Important Points To Consider Before Applying Them
Facial Fillers: Important Points To Consider Before Applying Them
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It is increasingly common to see how celebrities alter their physique, applying facial fillers. This has made this treatment a trend. However, there are many questions regarding what we should consider before undergoing this type of treatment.

We consulted Dr. Ronald Espinosa, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon from New York City, who clarified the main doubts for us.

"When we undergo this type of treatment, we must bear in mind that these must be applied, solely and exclusively, by doctors," Espinosa said.

Injectable fillers based on hyaluronic acid are generally applied in the facial region, although they can also be beneficial in other parts of the body. They are generally being used to:

Give volume:

On the lips, cheekbones, chin, jaw, mandibular corners, etc.

  • In facial atrophies and asymmetries.
  • Fill:

    Wrinkles and lines of aging: Facials, on the lips, corners of the mouth, between the eyebrows, neck, around the eyes.

    • Deep grooves: from the nose to the mouth or lines between the eyebrows.
    • Acne scars or other types of scars.

    Let's talk about the main questions.

    Are these fillers permanent?

    The hyaluronic acid facial filler is reabsorbed by our body, since our body produces this acid naturally. In general, although it varies, we can say that each person has a slower or faster capacity for reabsorption. But the average duration of a facial filler is 8 to 12 months.

    Are the results immediate?

    Once the treatment with hyaluronic acid filler is finished, we can already assess and see the results on our skin. Although we must bear in mind that at the end of the application we may have some swelling, so we consider that to see the final and real result you have to wait a few days.

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    Can these hyaluronic acid fillers cause allergies?

    We can say that it should not cause an allergy, since it exists in our body. As we get older, our body produces less hyaluronic acid, so our skin loses firmness and smoothness. Therefore, hyaluronic acid does not cause an allergy.

    Is there a specific age to apply it?

    This can be determined according to the expected results. For example, when we are looking to increase the volume, it can be applied even when young, but if you are looking to eliminate wrinkles, you are already expecting to be older. But that depends on the needs of each person.

    Can this treatment be combined with any other treatment?

    Any facial filler treatment with hyaluronic acid is compatible with other aesthetic medicine treatment on the face or body. For example, you can apply Botox and facial fillers the same day.

    Can we achieve a natural look?

    Applied the correct amount, we can say that filling with hyaluronic acid is one of the most demanded treatments for its naturalness and excellent results. We always recommend letting your doctor advise you to achieve an optimal result.

    How long should I wait to get back to my routine?

    The facial filler treatment with hyaluronic acid is a simple treatment that does not require any type of rest. You just have to be careful during the following hours of its application and not rub the area.

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