15 Tricks To Get The Features You Want With Makeup

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15 Tricks To Get The Features You Want With Makeup
15 Tricks To Get The Features You Want With Makeup
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When we put on makeup, we do it with the intention of beautifying ourselves, covering imperfections and highlighting the attributes we have

Nowadays knowing how to do it is not so difficult due to the number of alternatives that are available and the tutorials that we can access on the internet.

However, nothing like putting ourselves in expert hands like that of the Puerto Rican makeup artist Charlie Vázquez, who gave us his best tricks with which he makes his clients look with a perfect face, according to their tastes.

"Corrective makeup is a play of light and shadow, where light stands out and darkness minimizes features to create a balance," Vázquez began explaining to us. “The key to corrective makeup is in the blur so that no demarcation lines are visible. It is not something you should do in a hurry because it takes a lot of practice. Firstly, you need to use the correct brushes and precision when making the game light and dark”, added the makeup artist.

Here are the expert's corrective tricks. Vázquez shares with us some of his techniques:

As with all makeup, try to start with a clean and moisturized face.

  • Have on hand a set of quality makeup brushes, various shades or powders (no gloss) within the range of brown and creamy shades.
  • To balance large eyes, you can outline them inside and out (on top and bottom lashes) to make them look more almond-shaped.
  • To enlarge small eyes, outline the edge of the lower lashes. Start with a fine line near the tear, which will widen towards the outer edge of the eye.
  • Eyes that look droopy can be disguised by bringing the shadows up into the outer corner of the eye.
  • When the eyelid is wide or droopy, go for dark shadows to give the eye depth.
  • If your eyes are very close, apply a lighter shadow to the tear area. This will create the illusion of more space. Also, delineate the eye starting slightly apart from the tear.
  • When the nose is very sharp, apply a brown shade of powder or shadow to both sides. This will make the space appear wider. Then, from the tip of the nose up (a little over the eyebrows) apply a light shadow.
  • Make the nose look shorter by putting a dark shadow on the bottom. Bring this shadow to the tip to create the illusion that the nose is shorter.
  • It conceals a wide nose with darker shadow on the fins and on the front. Then apply a light shadow on the tip.

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The true anti-aging ingredients for the skin Very thin lips must be outlined on the contour and then apply warm colors. Lip gloss will help them look fuller and fuller.

  • When the lips are very wide, makeup them inwards from the natural line that defines them. Soft, natural shades on lipsticks will make them look less voluminous.
  • To hide a wide upper lip and a thinner one at the bottom, minimize the volume of the upper lip by outlining it on the inside. While the lower lip, you outline it on the outside and apply a shine only in the middle part to make it look natural.
  • The "cachetonas" women seek to stylize their faces. This can be achieved using two shades of blush, one lighter on the top of the cheekbone and one darker under the cheekbone, to give it more depth.
  • A pronounced jaw is swayed by applying a darker shadow to the jaw bone.

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