Expert Tips: What Makeup Trends Are On This Season?

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Expert Tips: What Makeup Trends Are On This Season?
Expert Tips: What Makeup Trends Are On This Season?
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The professional makeup artist and global beauty ambassador for Mary Kay, Luis Casco, shared with us his best beauty tips for this season and told us what trends we can not ignore and those that will never go out of style.

SM: -What's the latest in beauty this season?

This season is very novel, since the combination of textures is something that is very new and fun. For example, combinations of semi-matte lip textures look nice with metallic or shiny shades and vice versa. Radiant skin with a more matte makeup look.

The semi-matte shades combined with a little shine on other areas of the face are a strong trend for this season. Not so matte or so shiny all over the face anymore.

SM: -What things in terms of makeup will never go out of style and what should we begin to discard?

I think knowing how to make a smoky eye or how to highlight your eyes with makeup will never go out of style.

SM: -What do you think of the beauty trends that appear on social networks? Do you encourage women to follow these trends?

The approach to perceived perfection with makeup that we sometimes see on social media is something that, while it looks very nice in a photo, sometimes it doesn't look good in person. So that false perception is something that would be good to discard.

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SM: -Are you one of the expert makeup artists who prefer to use many products and novelties or on the contrary, do you feel more comfortable using only the basic ones?

As a professional in the world of beauty and cosmetics, it is my obligation to know all new products and innovative ingredients. I have different kits with different types of makeup, depending on the circumstances in which I am working. BUT I always have my personal KIT, it is small and it only has my essential products to make up anyone. My goal is to always remove things from that unused kit and add new things that help me a lot.

A while back I did a show with Tyra Banks in which we introduced and met a girl who was addicted to makeup. The girl had two rooms full of products that she did not know how to use. The solution? I visited her and showed her everything she needed and how the rest was not essential. It is very important for a woman to do that because makeups have an expiration date and because it is not necessary to have so many options, but rather products that are really used!

SM: - How would you encourage women who do not make up out of laziness to start doing it?

I would tell you that change is not only physical but also mental. Just adding a lipstick or a blush will make you feel better, and that people perceive you in a different way. This is the power of makeup and how it helps self-esteem.

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