How You Should Take Care Of Your Feet So That They Are Perfect

How You Should Take Care Of Your Feet So That They Are Perfect
How You Should Take Care Of Your Feet So That They Are Perfect

Video: How You Should Take Care Of Your Feet So That They Are Perfect

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Video: 4 Tips To Keep Your Feet Soft & Moisturised | Pedicure Rules & At-Home Foot Care Routine 2023, February

Did you know that one of the most important parts of the body is the feet? Have you thought about who are the ones that support us, the ones that allow us to walk, exercise and above all wear our beautiful shoes?

However, despite this we are not always very disciplined in creating a routine to take care of our feet, even after exercising or the daily work.

"This is not just a matter of vanity, it is even a matter of health," began explaining Joaquín Manuel Vega, specialist in the arrangement and care of hands and feet at the Avant Garde Salon & Spa in Miami.

Here we give you an example of the routine you can follow to maintain healthy and beautiful feet.


Hygiene is a matter of vital importance. Washing our feet every day keeps us away from the risk of infection and bad odor. “It is very important that you dry them well after washing and you can even apply talc to reduce sweating and feel more comfortable. At night I recommend applying moisturizer and putting on stockings made of cotton. This helps us to keep the skin of the heels well hydrated which, due to their constant use, tend to dry out and do not look well cared for.”

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The true anti-aging ingredients for the skin Choose the perfect shoe

"Definitely high-heeled shoes look divine, but before buying them you must measure them to be sure that they will not hurt and mistreat your feet," said Joaquín Manuel. "Identify well the size, the last, the material, all these elements make the difference between a comfortable shoe or an uncomfortable one depending on your feet," added the expert.


“I personally recommend having a pedicure at least every three weeks. Identify the salon where you are sure they will give you a good pedicure, where they follow the correct procedures, from sterilizing the equipment to the products they use, "emphasized Vega. Consider cutting your nails regularly, preferably straight and square, to avoid ingrown toenails and other discomfort.

To show off beautiful and groomed feet, in addition to protecting and caring for the skin, you must spend a little time improving the appearance and beauty of the nails.

Avoid walking without shoes in public places

This in public places to avoid infections or injuries. In our houses, it is best to use some type of rest shoes, such as bath sandals or slippers.

Foot massages and baths

When we feel our feet swollen or tired, there is nothing better than immersing them in warm or hot water mixed with a product, such as salts, lavender or lemon. In addition to that, light massages can be given that will relax our feet, as well as deflate them and make them look better.

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