7 Haircuts That NEVER Go Out Of Style (PHOTOS)

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7 Haircuts That NEVER Go Out Of Style (PHOTOS)
7 Haircuts That NEVER Go Out Of Style (PHOTOS)
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The appearance of your hair plays a determining role because it is part of your look. For your clothes and hair to have a balanced appearance, you must always wear a haircut that is in and with these examples you will surely be right because they will never go out of style.

1. French mane

Not all haircuts remain in effect through time, but French mane does. Its validity is due to the fact that it favors both if you have straight hair and if you have wavy, even curly hair. It is a matter of adapting it to the hairstyle you want with your hair dryer, iron, electric roller and even beauty products.

This cut, also known as midi, French long hair, or long bob, is a classic cut that updates over time; such as cutting the hair to the nape of the neck. This style is ideal for girls with long faces or fine hair.

2. Garçon You must have seen Emma Watson, Scarlett Johansson, Rihanna and even Anne Hathaway, and then why not wear it? Thinking now of a garçon or pixie cut is a bit daring, but it is still sexy and it is a cut that never goes out of style, since it has been worn since the 1920s. Although the rule indicates that it favors oval faces or those girls who have delicate and fine features, over time its different versions have proven that it is enough to adapt it to your physical features to have an excellent result. You dare?

3. Length

The long mane is extremely versatile because you can wear it smooth, with waves, in a braid … as you prefer!

Cutting it in layers is a classic that you have to return to very often if you are one of those who always prefers to keep their hair with a considerable length. Your appearance will hint that underneath that well-groomed mane there is a rebellious, mysterious and very sensual girl.

4. Bob It's pure perfection! It doesn't matter if your cut is structured or the most messy, this hair style is accepted by all types of faces, body, skin color or hair … And even better if you add a bang. Beautiful! You will see that it will never go out of style when you find out that it has been in vogue since the 1960s and will continue to be so until eternity.

5. Mane with bangs

And it is not only accepted that you wear it with full smooth, you have total freedom to add waves. What you never have to ignore if you cut your hair with this style is that the size of the bangs does expire in time, so be careful to keep up with hair trends; but also, if you are going to let it air dry, you have to comb the bangs with a blow dryer to shape it. Don't forget to meet these two requirements!

6. Straight, long and smooth This cut has certain benefits because it allows you to change your style every day.

7. Short with unevenness

If you want to wear your hair a little short, you have to try this one. Keep in mind that this style requires maintenance and perfect styling every day. The best thing is that it is always smooth for a better finish.

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