Discover The 9 Best-kept Secrets Of Makeup Artists

Discover The 9 Best-kept Secrets Of Makeup Artists
Discover The 9 Best-kept Secrets Of Makeup Artists
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I want you to know that makeup artists also have some particular tricks they prefer to use when it comes to applying makeup and transforming their clients into red carpet stars.

We spoke with Epy Joel of Avant-Garde Salon & Spa in Miami, and we were able to get her to share her own with our readers.

"Let's start by maintaining healthy skin. Nourishing and caring for her is very important to make the makeup achieve her goal,”the expert began.

Drink water- Forget the rule of eight glasses a day, just drink enough so you don't get thirsty. If you have the discipline of the 8 glasses daily fantastic, if not try not to wait until you are thirsty to drink water.

  • Acne-Marked Skins- Take the triangular makeup sponge and cut it in half. Do not use scissors, what we need is that it is irregular so that the base enters the dimples of the skin, with this you will create an effect of uniformity in your makeup.
  • Speaking of the base- The expert recommends applying the powders before the liquid base, this makes the effect last longer. If you notice that the base tends to disappear during the day, you should do this little trick and although it goes against everything we've always heard, it does work.
  • Use product samples- You should not always buy a new product if you want to test its effectiveness. Samples of products that you can try at home to see if you like are offered in most makeup stores.
  • Use the lip balm - On the market you can find lip balms that have a very natural color and at the same time keep the lips hydrated. Use them instead of lip gloss.
  • Mineral water- Use as a primer and makeup sealer. Spray a little water on your face before applying makeup and you will notice that your skin will not perspire, making your makeup last for hours and hours.
  • Adhesive tape- It is perfect to create the cat eye effect or to outline the eye symmetrically. Put some masking tape on the corners of the eyes at the angle you want to paint the eyeliner and the shadows. At the end of the eyes, peel off the adhesive tape and you will see how perfect the effect is.
  • Concealers - Use a concealer 2 times lighter than your natural skin color. If you have very white or pale skin, use a white cream pencil.
  • Speaking of concealers- Consider the green and orange concealers. According to the expert, “these two colors to correct blemishes is one of the tricks I use the most. The green concealer is used on the areas with reddish tones to neutralize the color and cover the granites. Orange concealer is used over bluish tones, like dark circles, to conceal them.

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