8 Perfect Haircuts If You Have Little Hair (PHOTOS)

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8 Perfect Haircuts If You Have Little Hair (PHOTOS)
8 Perfect Haircuts If You Have Little Hair (PHOTOS)
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Resorting to hair extensions is very normal among women like you who have little hair. However, we are aware that not all of them have the money to “boast” of an abundant mane, to the point that you need solutions. Consider the options you have and don't sacrifice your salary. One of them is to play with the haircut when it comes to changing your look. Do you long to see yourself different even with little hair? These are the hair styles that fulfill your desire!

1.With bangs

Bet on this cut when you have a short hair mane, but ask your stylist to do it between the jaw and the clavicle. The bangs and broken ends focus the attention on your look and conceal the little abundance of hair.

2. Straight We talk about the one that reaches the shoulders because it has straight lines, it is lighter and you have the possibility of making it look more loaded because you can play with the hairstyle and products that add volume and body to your hair.

3. Tomboy

And what is this? Ok, it does tend to be very risky, but if the features of your face are delicate and not excessively marked, it fits you like a finger ring. Oval or heart-shaped faces are excellent candidates for this hair style.

4. Stripe to the side Betting on it does not fail because drawing the stripe to the side always creates more visual movement than when you divide it in the middle.

5. Bob with bangs

Women like you are always looking for fashionable options, since they were dead rather than simple. Before your philosophy of life appears the bob with side XL bangs.

6. "V" Another cut with good results and that you have to prove if you have poor hair. Always at the level of the chin, with the front part longer and shorter at the nape of the neck. Let yourself be seduced by its paraded appearance will give body to your hair.

7. Asymmetric: Let your face shine on its own with an asymmetrical cut.

8. Long If you refuse to submit to the scissors completely, do not worry that there are also tricks to make your hair look with a greater volume even when it is long. The success is not to wear it straight because it will seem that you have less hair, so waves are your best allies. You can wear them more marked like the beachy waves.

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