8 Hair Dyes That Are Trending Throughout The Winter 2017-2018 (PHOTOS)

8 Hair Dyes That Are Trending Throughout The Winter 2017-2018 (PHOTOS)
8 Hair Dyes That Are Trending Throughout The Winter 2017-2018 (PHOTOS)
Video: 8 Hair Dyes That Are Trending Throughout The Winter 2017-2018 (PHOTOS)
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Season after season, women need to adapt their look to what's hot. Although in winter the hair is hardly seen or much less exposed on the street, it does do it indoors, hence the need to always keep it cute. First of all, glamor!

To make you feel on trend during the cold months of the year, dare to change the color of your hair and thus create a completely renewed appearance because a beautiful mane helps you feel safe and sexy always.

1.Cream soda: We love this color! It is a perfect tone with which you mix dark roots with a slight discoloration, it brings light to your face without the need for it to be an intense blonde.

And you are going to love knowing that it mixes between brown and blonde, which makes it ideal for both brown skinned and white skinned girls.

2. Caramel: Welcome the brown colors and add golden strands in the shape of baby lights. Your face will turn 180 degrees with a clear base, with highlights and reflections vanilla and bronze. If you have long hair or bob with volume, it is perfect for you.

3. Copper: The orange tones were made especially for those with lighter skin. However, if you are darker in complexion, it is not that you cannot wear them, but rather that the ones that favor you are copper, a winning option if you long to wear a different tone in your hair.

4. Fleece blonde: Karlie Kloss threw it in fashion, but Kim Kardashian has also worn it in a more grayish version with color pigments. It is undoubtedly a 100% risky color, but it is a trend that is here to stay for a long time. What you do have to be careful about is that your hair is not XXL long because it requires continuous maintenance.

5. Balayage: If you thought balayage highlights were a thing of the past, you were wrong because they are still perfect for lighting and giving a fresh touch. If you have dark hair color and give up your natural tone, it is perfect to change your appearance without punishing yourself.

6. Root beer: As its name implies, it is a tone inspired by this drink that many of us love, in beer. But in this case specifically in the one of American origin that bears the same name and does not have alcohol. It is the fashionable color for this winter and tries to highlight the beauty of chestnuts with color dots. Bet on him because if you do, you will be a girl in!

7. Frozen with dark roots: Beautiful!

8. Ronze: He is a favorite among celebrities like Eva Longoria, Rihanna and Katy Perry because it is a mix between the classic redhead and bronze brown. It fits on any type of skin because it is capable of "hiding" any hair imperfection over the years; for example, roots or even the unloved gray hair.

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