Your Nails Can Warn You Of Some Health Problems

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Your Nails Can Warn You Of Some Health Problems
Your Nails Can Warn You Of Some Health Problems
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Did you know that your nails may be warning you about a health problem?

“Personally, I am very careful when it comes to assisting my clients and suggesting some technique or materials. I examine them and if I notice any abnormality, I suggest that you visit your doctor and have your nails examined, as these may show some deficiency or health condition,”explained Joaquín Manuel Vega, renowned manicurist and pedicurist at Avant Garde Salon and Spa in Miami.

Next, symptoms that we should take seriously and consult our doctor.


You may have stains due to external factors such as chemicals, brightly colored nail polishes, and bumps. If you notice any whitish or yellowish area and it seems to be watering, you may have a yeast infection.

If it is on a single finger or a segment of the nail that is stained, apply a nail antifungal and check how the condition is improving. If it does not improve, you should consult your doctor, who will prescribe the appropriate drug to solve the problem.

"Yeast infections can reappear if you stop treatment before the indicated time," said Vega.

Another type of brownish spot or stripe could be a sign of melanoma. If you have doubts, immediately go to a dermatologist.

Dry and brittle

This can be caused by frequent contact with water and abrasive substances, such as cleaners and detergents.

“I suggest applying hand cream often, if possible every time you wash it. Also, try to use nail polish remover without acetone and wear gloves when doing chores or gardening. A massage with a special oil for nails also works wonders”, stated Joaquín Manuel.

Now, if the above does not improve, it is possible that the cause is a disorder of the thyroid gland, anemia or deficiency of iron, zinc, folic acid, vitamin C or protein.

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Discolored nails

Healthy nails are usually pink in color with a hint of pinkish white near the base. If you notice other shades on the nails, you should visit your doctor.

Check with your doctor if you have:

Nails with a greenish hue, as it may be a sign of a bacterial infection.

  • Red streaks on the nail bed, there could be an infection in the heart valves.
  • Bluish or purple hue, may be due to low levels of oxygen in the blood.
  • White nails, may be due to liver problems.
  • Thick nails

    We could believe that having thick nails represents that they are stronger; however, excessive thickening is not normal at all. When the nails resemble claws, they are thick and difficult to cut, they could be indicating a disease.

    If your nails were normal and thick, it could be due to a lung problem.

    • If they become rough in addition to thick, it may be due to a fungal infection.
    • If the nails are thick and brittle, it may be a thyroid-related problem or psoriasis.
    • The unusual thickness of the nails may indicate circulation problems.
    • Nail with holes

      Although it can be for reasons as common as nail biting, it can also be due to:


      • Psoriasis.
      • Connective tissue disorder.
      • Alopecia areata.
      • Zinc deficiency.
      • Scaly nails

        When the nail surface is peeling, your hands are likely being exposed to rough activities or highly abrasive substances that are hurting the keratin that makes up the nails. This may be causing it:

        Exposing them to a very hot, very cold or very dry environment.

        • It could be a reaction to the use of chemicals, such as soaps and detergents.

        It is very important that, in addition to worrying about maintaining well-groomed nails, we are aware of their health.

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