Do I Have Dry Or Dehydrated Skin? Learn To Distinguish Them

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Do I Have Dry Or Dehydrated Skin? Learn To Distinguish Them
Do I Have Dry Or Dehydrated Skin? Learn To Distinguish Them
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Although it may seem very simple to us, it is very important that you know how to differentiate between whether you have dry skin or if you are dehydrated. "One of the most common confusions we can have is believing that our skin is dry when in fact it is that we have dehydrated it, or vice versa." The confusion is due to the fact that both situations give us the sensation of dryness and tension.

To help us differentiate one from the other, we spoke with the facial care specialist, known as "The Alchemist of Beauty", Dr. Maribel Pedrozo. "Dehydrated skin is a state of lack of water, which has nothing to do with the nature of the skin, imagine that we can find ourselves with oily and dehydrated skin," he explained.

"If you are dehydrated as a result of external aggressions such as cold, wind, a hormonal imbalance or a lack of fluids, this is improved once you hydrate yourself by drinking water and with treatments aimed at this condition," added the specialist.

On the other hand, if the skin is dry, this is due to a lack of lipids, which are essential to ensure cohesion between cells, and this makes it look dry.

Now, how do we know which is our case?

Dry Skin

Identifying this type of skin is very easy. Small pores are visible, little fat is noticed due to the little work of the sweat glands and it is difficult for them to produce or conserve the humidity of the water.

The complexion looks dull, pale, scaly and prone to cracking. It has little elasticity, so it wrinkles prematurely.

How to recognize it?

With your fingertips, pull the skin up: if you notice the formation of subtle lines, don't hesitate; you have dry skin

  • Other symptoms is burning or scaling easily in the sun.
  • Experiencing a dry feeling after washing your face with soap and water.
  • How to take care of it?

    Don't use soap.

    • Do not expose it to cold or wind.
    • Avoid exfoliating it very often.
    • Use cleaners and products that contain vegetable oils or fatty products; This helps to clean, soften and prevent early aging.
    • Consume plenty of water.
    • Dehydrated skin

      The skin becomes dehydrated when we expose it to too cold, wind, sun and pollution. It can also be due to genetic factors, diseases and lack of water.

      How to recognize it?

      Dehydrated skin has a tired appearance, a rough and parched texture, a dry feeling and a marked sensitivity to hot water and soaps.

      How to take care of it?

      Drink plenty of water.

      • Consume antioxidants A, C, and E.
      • Do not smoke.
      • Avoid taking laxatives and diuretics.

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