5 Look Changes You Could Regret All Your Life (PHOTOS)

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5 Look Changes You Could Regret All Your Life (PHOTOS)
5 Look Changes You Could Regret All Your Life (PHOTOS)
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Fashion is constantly evolving and you know it! But there are certain changes of look that become quite a headache if before doing them you do not seek the advice of a professional stylist who is sincere (a) and tells you if what you intend to do with your hair or face is the most right. Or sometimes you even fall for them to save yourself a few bucks and end up crying with rage. Avoid them!

1. Tattoo your eyebrows

Do you remember what was in fashion in the 90s? Ok, it is a good way to remind yourself that what is trending today will not last forever. Although the thin eyebrow has lost strength in recent years, since it is preferred to wear a more populated one, you do not know what will prevail in a few years.

For example, one of the most commonly used techniques for tattooing eyebrows is microblading, a semi-permanent process that creates hair by hair. "Unlike artistic tattooing, it is more superficial because the ink degrades and begins to fade," cosmetic tattoo artist Piret Aava told HuffPost.

Simply put, tattooing your eyebrows will now get you in. But in a few years you could be out.

2. Eyelash Extensions We know you want eyelashes similar to those of Miss Peggy from the Moppets, but you don't have to risk losing your natural lashes either. The risks you run by placing them, according to the BBC, are damage to the cornea, while the Medical Daily magazine and indications from specialist doctor Robert Dorin, when you have the habit of turning this type of beauty into a vicious circle, can cause you to The weight of using extensions all the time causes tension in the hair follicle and makes it fall and do not regrow. Great care!

3. Extravagant colors

Or any other garish colored hair dye that is difficult to remove. You will be aware that these types of shades are worn by girls in their teens, but in any case not you who are over 20. It does not look nice!

Most of the time, when you want to change the tone, it requires extracting the color, which over the months causes the hair to be dry and dull. It becomes a hair tragedy!

4. Permanent curls If you are straight, you want to have curls or vice versa. No woman is satisfied with what she has! And to a certain extent, that attitude of not conforming is the reason why you have been so successful in your life. However, when it comes to changing the look of your hair, preferring to pay an amount of art from Beyoncé (@beyonce) on Sep 18, 2015 at 3:04 PM PDT

5. Pixie

Just because you look good on another girl doesn't mean it will have the same effect on you. There are thousands of styles you can bet on to look beautiful. When choosing a haircut, you need to take into account factors such as your skin color, but especially the shape of your face. You don't want to look in the mirror and then want to put on a wig because the one you chose doesn't look good on you.

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