10 Hair Dyes That Will Be In Fashion All This (PHOTOS)

10 Hair Dyes That Will Be In Fashion All This (PHOTOS)
10 Hair Dyes That Will Be In Fashion All This (PHOTOS)
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Would you do a hair strobing? After succeeding in the make up section, she slipped through hair dyes to be a sensation in hair look changes throughout 2018. And of course, a new year begins and that is enough reason for all women just like you want to renew the appearance of your face in a matter of hours by changing the style of your hair.

These are the hair dye colors that are trending this year and that you have to lean on to be fashionable.

1. Cream soda: It is the must of the moment! It is able to combine beige and brown tones with warm golden touches. It is really charming because it does not discriminate skin tones. Regardless of whether you are brown or lighter complexion, wear it without fear. It brings light and shine to your face thanks to the blonde result.

2. Hair strobing: Now yes, we will tell you what this dye is so in this year. It has different versions: apply it from the roots to the ends, lightening from the chin to the ends or start the coloring from the height of the eyes to the ends. The strobe adds light to your face, giving it a fresh and natural look; that is, it sweetens the features. It is an excellent companion because it accentuates those areas of your face that are not so flattering, in your opinion.

3. Platinum blonde: The obsession with this style intensifies throughout this year, but now they will be more intense and brighter platinums.

4. Cayenne: Not all reddish ones are an excellent choice for brunettes, and the cayenne spice is one of them. They are much better seen for light skinned ones. Reddish copper and chestnut are perfect for you if you meet this characteristic.

5. Root beer: Stylists point out that this shade will be one of the most spoiled. As a final result, root beer leaves intense brown hair with red or brown highlights.

6. Hazelnut chestnut: It is one of those shades that are never out of place because they favor all kinds of women without discrimination. You can change the look and look great in any context because it is a very neutral tone.

7. Blorange: It is perfect for the most daring because it is a more refreshed pink. It is a modern alternative that mixes blonde with orange. Will you do it?

8. Jet black: This color has the same functionality as a black dress; that is, at some point in your life you will have to wear it for its versatility. Another reason to give yourself a jet black tint to your hair is because it reflects light and even makes you look younger. Mind you, make sure your eyebrows are the same shade.

9. Chocolate brown: The brown color will be one of the most seen on the street during the 12 months of the year, which means excellent news, especially if you are a brunette. You will have the option to choose between brown, chocolate or a warmer one. You have freedom!

10. Highlights: Combine this mane dye with a bob haircut.

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