Recover The Health Of Your Skin And Hair With The Help Of These Foods

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Recover The Health Of Your Skin And Hair With The Help Of These Foods
Recover The Health Of Your Skin And Hair With The Help Of These Foods
Video: Recover The Health Of Your Skin And Hair With The Help Of These Foods

Did you know that in order to regain the health of your hair and skin, the foods you eat are essential? It is important that we remember at mealtime that food is also part of our beauty products. "If we regularly consumed certain foods, we probably wouldn't have to spend as much on creams and topical treatments because the foods contain all the nutrients our skin and hair need to stay healthy and beautiful," said Leonella González, Holistic Health Coach and creator of Health Living by Leonella.

"It is proven that our best care must be from the inside out, that it is not worthwhile to undergo expensive treatments if we do not eat properly," said the specialist.

Here we list some of the foods you should consume two or three times a week so that you see the results you expect. Now, it is not that you completely discard external treatments, it is that by following a routine that includes both you will see how the beauty of your skin and hair endures.


Known for its great content of Omega 3, which helps the production of collagen, when consuming it we will not only see the result on the skin, but also in our hair, which also requires collagens to be strong and healthy.


Due to its high content of vitamin E, this fruit helps us delay the aging process as it deeply nourishes our skin. When consuming it, we will also see its benefits reflected in our hair, since its oils help to nourish it, giving it shine, softness and strength.


They are one of the best sources of antioxidants that exist, with which we help the skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It is also a great ally to improve circulation, as it prevents and reduces varicose veins.


Like salmon, it is rich in Omega 3, Omega 6 and vitamin E; It is an excellent weapon against wrinkles, and its consumption helps keep the skin hydrated.


Maybe you did not know, but this vegetable acts as a natural protector against the UV rays that are so harmful to the skin. It contains a large amount of B vitamin that helps to strengthen and nourish hair and nails.


This rich fruit prevents thinning hair; helps growth, give volume and our mane has an enviable shine. It also helps strengthen it when we dye it.


It is the secret ingredient against horrible acne, as it contains natural AHA and anti-inflammatory properties that fight it and cleanses the pores to prevent further breakdown. Another wonder of kiwi is that it is rich in iron, a nutrient necessary for hair to be in proper health, stimulating hair follicles to promote their growth.

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