The 4 Most Common Myths About Nail Fungus

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The 4 Most Common Myths About Nail Fungus
The 4 Most Common Myths About Nail Fungus
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When we talk about fungus on our nails, many well-known myths come to mind and we are concerned that if this happens to us it will become something that we cannot cure. Well, it is important to know that although the ideal is to avoid nail fungus, they are more common than we can imagine.

The expert manicurist and pedicurist Joaquín Manuel Vega, from Avant Garde Salon and Spa in Miami, clarified the main myths around this condition.

1 - Nail fungus is due to lack of hygiene or lifestyle.

Without a doubt hygiene is vital for our health, but this is not necessarily the cause of having nail fungus. However, regarding the hygiene that we must have, Vega clarified for us: "We must keep both nails and skin clean and dry," he explained. "It is very important to wash and dry your hands well after having contact with any fungus on infected nails," he added.

2 - Nail fungus is a rare disease

This is false, unfortunately it is more common than we think, especially in the toenails.

“It is more common in people who frequently use public pools, gyms or showers, as well as in people who sweat a lot and do not take the precaution of using products to avoid perspiration on their feet. Remember that mushrooms thrive in warm, humid areas.

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So we should avoid:

Having long wet fingers.

  • Excessive use of closed footwear.

3 - The only solution for the treatment of fungi is to completely remove the nail.

Not necessarily, without a doubt this must be determined by the doctor. There are very advanced treatments, from lasers to topical medications, that avoid having to tear off the nail. Now, if the solution recommended by the doctor is to remove the nail, we must bear in mind that these can take up to a year to grow.

4- Mushrooms heal quickly

This depends on the size of the infection, but you should know that with traditional pharmacological treatments it can take months for the infection to completely heal.

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