7 Haircuts For Women With Curly Hair (PHOTOS)

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7 Haircuts For Women With Curly Hair (PHOTOS)
7 Haircuts For Women With Curly Hair (PHOTOS)
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Jennifer López, Shakira, Salma Hayek or Beyoncé are some of the celebrities who boast of curly hair

Due to their fame, it is normal that they are in constant renewal and they also have the best stylists at their side to look regal at all times. But, since not all women have that possibility and the waves become rebellious to dominate and frizz is a problem every day, we share some tips to handle them.

Get The Look experts advise you to deep hydrate every week, in addition to using styling cream to shape the texture. On the other hand, Cinthia Álvarez, stylist at Alicia Keys recommends: “When Alicia has an outdoor music concert, I prefer to keep her hair up free of frizz. I do it with a well-polished ponytail with natural tips on which I apply styling cream to keep the curls well defined”.

The time for scissors has arrived

1.Afro: So in! As the fashion is cyclical, the afro came back to offer you a look from the 70s. It is ideal for daring women who are comfortable with the volume of their hair. Keep in mind that using it requires you to use moisturizing and conditioning products that make it look healthy. Perfect for bulky and high volume manes!

2. Bob: A haircut adopted to wear on the latest red carpets by celebrities like Selena Gomez, Emma Stone and Taylor Swift. Bet on this bob cut with short and medium layers if your mane is a mix between curls and random waves. It is an excellent idea to add volume to your hair if it is very fine.

3. Pixie: Forget all the taboos you've heard about the pixie because it works for curly hair, too. What's more, in any case, what you should worry about if you are going to adopt this style is to find out which short haircut best suits the shape of your face.

4. Lob bob with bangs and layers: It is a style that frames the face if you have long layers at the front and short layers at the back.

5. Asymmetric: In addition to making you look like a modern woman, it is an alternative look and requires little maintenance. If the volume is XXL size, ask your stylist to decrease it so that it is not difficult for you to style it. You can wear it comfortably if you are a girl with defined curls.

6. Shag: It is a classic when it has layers to give volume. Due to its shape, it is for casual girls or with little time to style it. Its "uncontrolled mess" style will give you a rebellious, but sexy appearance.

7. Medium length: If you are decided by a radical change, but you do not dare to the full pixie, choose a medium length style. It is convenient and allows you a certain extension around your face that you can play with. It is ideal for less defined curls!

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