12 Beauty Products You Are Probably Not Using Correctly

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12 Beauty Products You Are Probably Not Using Correctly
12 Beauty Products You Are Probably Not Using Correctly

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You probably haven't sat down to examine how you use your beauty products because you do it the way you learned since you started using them. However, fortunately many of these products have evolved and the way they are used has changed as well. We spoke with several beauty specialists and they gave us their recommendations so that we obtain the results that we expect with each one of them.

1. Beauty sponges

"Are you using it dry or wet?" Asks Antonia Rutherford, professional makeup artist at Avant Garde Salon & Spa in Miami.

“Instead of applying the foundation with a dry sponge, make sure it's moist and gently apply the product to your face. With silicone sponges you don't need a lot of product, since this material is not absorbent,”said the expert.


Everything that has contact with your skin must be clean of impurities, brushes are no exception. "The product and bacteria will accumulate over time, causing outbreaks and even posing a health risk. Be sure to wash them regularly. This, in addition to keeping your skin healthy, makes the colors they use the ones you are looking for”, explained Antonia.


Even the most expensive mascara won't make you sport voluminous lashes if misused. “Instead of moving the brush straight up, hold the brush from the root of your lashes and go by moving it gently from right to left and up. This helps you really cover the lashes with the product and achieve maximum volume, "added Rutherford.

Hair oil

If hair oil leaves your hair more, well, oily than hydrated, you're probably not applying it correctly. "The way to apply it is to put a few drops in your hand and rub it between your palms to warm it up. Make sure that your entire palm and fingers are evenly coated in oil. Then lightly apply it to half its length. Try not to apply the oil directly to the roots, since your scalp already produces its own oils,”explained Epy Joel, expert stylist at Avant Garde Salon and Spa in Miami.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is an excellent beauty product, but you should know if it is the right one for what you need. "This oil is a comedogenic product and its misuse can result in outbreaks on the face," said Dr. Maribel Pedrozo, "The beauty alchemist", a specialist in facial care.

Sodium bicarbonate

"Baking soda is simply too hard for your skin. It can really irritate it and remove much-needed oils, causing everything to lose its balance. Nobody needs such a strong scrub!”Pedrozo pointed out.

Pore ​​strips to remove pimples

Unfortunately, these pore strips don't help your pores clean better. Regarding this, Pedrozo told us: “Those small lumps that remain on the strip are not dirt, but sebum. You might remove some pimples, but after you remove the sebum, your pores are waiting to be filled by any dirt that comes in contact with them. This can lead to more black spots."

Dry shampoo

“The best way to achieve better results is to apply a dry shampoo before going to bed on a day between washes, which means you will get up with much cleaner hair. Similarly, apply it before a sweaty gym session instead of after.

It is also important not to apply it too close to the roots. Keep the container a few inches from your scalp and spray in moderation, "explained Epy Joel.

Eyebrow Products

"Whether you use a gel, a pencil, or a powder, the technique is to make small, light strokes to draw natural-looking hairs, focusing first on the most dispersed areas," Antonia said.

Hair brush

Knowing how to comb is key to keeping hair healthy and beautiful. “Never start brushing your hair at the roots. This can cause the bristles to snag in knots and cause breakage. Instead, hold the hair and brush gently from the ends, working to the top of the head as you untangle it, "said Epy Joel.

"If you have curly hair, brush it just before bathing to avoid breaking the curl pattern," she added.

Bobby pins

Believe it or not, we generally use hair clips backwards. Epy Joel asked us, “Have you ever noticed that pins have an uneven side? That is the side that is supposed to face down to grab your hair."


"You should never apply conditioner to the roots," began Epy Joel. “Your scalp probably produces enough oil, and adding more can leave you with oily hair. Concentrate on the middle and ends at the ends. Make sure to leave it on for a couple of minutes before rinsing it off so it really works on your hair.

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