Discover The Different Procedures That Will Make You Look Better Without Entering The Operating Room

Discover The Different Procedures That Will Make You Look Better Without Entering The Operating Room
Discover The Different Procedures That Will Make You Look Better Without Entering The Operating Room
Video: Discover The Different Procedures That Will Make You Look Better Without Entering The Operating Room
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If you are one of those who already wanted to do some facials because you think that you do not look like you feel, but you are also afraid of the operating room, you will be interested to know what we talked with Dr. Kalieska Arroyo, owner and director of the Kalieska Plastic Clinic Arroyo, in Lima, Peru. Dr. Arroyo and explained to us about the number of good alternatives that help you improve your appearance and many of them delay its deterioration and aging.

"These treatments can be done in a medical office, they are ambulatory and their recovery is faster than conventional surgery. All of these are focused on seeking to eliminate the signs of time on the skin.

Now, the first thing is to make sure that the person who will do these treatments is properly prepared and certified to perform them, "said Dr. Arroyo, who is also president of the Peruvian Association of Medicine and Cosmetic Surgery.

Lifting with tensioning threads

Over time the skin begins to lose firmness, elasticity, collagen and tension, which causes wrinkles and expression lines to appear, especially on the forehead, cheeks, eyelids and the upper part of the lips.

Tension wire lifting is a safe technique performed in a doctor's office after applying local anesthetic to the ointment. The process involves inserting tension wires into the skin using what is called a guide wire. By doing this, the skin rejuvenates, trying to take its natural shape and start producing a high level of collagen and elastin.

“These threads made of polydioxanone (PDO) material are known as magic threads, since the material they are made of is capable of forming support tissue naturally, by producing collagen and fibroblasts around the inserted thread, which tightens and redensifies the skin”, added the specialist.

Facial rehabilitation using platelet-rich plasma

Believe it or not, our own blood also has the power to rejuvenate us. The blood separated from the red blood cells is richer in plasma, platelets and growth factors, which helps activate collagen and elastin in the skin almost immediately.

This procedure is performed by taking a sample of the patient's blood to later separate it from the red blood cells and obtain all the aforementioned benefits. Once this phase is performed, the doctor cleans the skin and injects the patient's own blood into areas where the passage of time is noted.

It is recommended for people 30 years and older who begin to lose the power of cell rejuvenation.

The parts of the body where platelet-rich plasma can be injected are: face, neck, cleavage, hands and scalp, which will help fight baldness.


It is an ideal treatment to combat deep wrinkles, solar aging, acne and sun spots. The result is the flattening of wrinkles, as well as an improvement in the texture and tone of the skin.

Many people opt for peeling as a healthy maintenance for the skin, to leave it free of impurities, elastic and full of luminosity.

Phenol or carbolic acid is the most used, as it penetrates the skin the most. Phenol produces a permanent lightening of the skin and should be applied only to the face.

Radio frequency

This option not only helps to hide fine lines and wrinkles, but also restores the vigor and freshness to the skin that characterizes young 20-year-old skin.

This is done through a device that emits radio frequency to the dermis, which manages to increase the temperature of the facial connective tissues and causes a new production of collagen in the skin.

Radiofrequency can also be used on the arms, buttocks, abdomen and legs, with the aim of correcting the texture of the skin. The heat it emits to these areas helps lymphatic drainage, which allows reducing liquids, fat and toxins from the affected tissues.

This is also an excellent option to treat cellulite, since its impact is extremely profound.


Botox treatment is fast and very efficient. A procedure of about 15 minutes, but it requires a lot of skill for it to be applied correctly. It is minimally invasive and must be applied taking into account the patient's requirements.

It is applied by injections that take a few minutes, on the forehead, on the frown (for the lines between the eyebrows), on the neck and around the eyes (for the "chicken feet"). We can say that the average age is from 30 years and its effect lasts from 4 to 6 months, depending on the metabolism of the patient.

Facial fillers

Hyaluronic acid facial fillers are highly effective. This type of acid is a natural component of the body itself and is also responsible for elastin, since it retains the water that gives volume to body tissues.

The hyaluronic acid filler is a gel that is applied by microinjections directly to the skin and, in addition to replacing the lost hyaluronic acid, it allows to reshape shapes and contours of the face and lips, and create volume in the areas modified by the aging process; it also allows to fill grooves and static wrinkles; that is, the deepest and most visible wrinkles with the face at rest.

Hyaluronic acid microinjections are widely used on the lips and cheekbones. The results last from 4 to 6 months, depending on the metabolism of each patient.

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