8 Types Of Bangs That Make You Look Younger (PHOTOS)

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8 Types Of Bangs That Make You Look Younger (PHOTOS)
8 Types Of Bangs That Make You Look Younger (PHOTOS)
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There are different types of bangs and some of them can make you look fresher and younger. Do you know which ones they are?

Here we show you:

1.Cute Bangs: This type of haircut is capable of styling from round faces to square faces. All for even! Its appearance is that of being slightly shorter in the center and with more extensive strands on the sides. It is perfect to hide the expression lines or if you have a wide forehead.

2. Paraded bangs: Its shape is extensive on the sides, which makes it lengthen the face and assume sweeter features.

3. Straight and below the eyebrows: If you are looking for a more classic style, the straight and below the eyebrows will certainly be perfect for you. Experts recommend it if you have abundant hair and hopefully blunted so as not to make it so stiff. If in your case you do not have a considerable amount of hair, the variant that best suits your characteristics is to opt for a straight bangs with asymmetrical cut to the sides.

4. Bangs s haggy: In the best style of Taylor Swift. Leave your new hair style to an expert stylist for volume with some fine, delicate layers. Looking younger is possible by following these beauty and styling tips!

5. Curtain bangs + long bob: Its length is almost at eye level and it is recommended that women who choose it comply with a specific characteristic: having an oval or elongated face. To get the most out of it, comb your hair with a ponytail with lots of texture.

6. Long bangs + extra large hair: It is a casual and uneven look, capable of making you look younger in a matter of minutes without having to pay huge sums of money. After that, what if you paint your hair with the hair dyes that are in fashion this year?

7. Straight bangs + ombré highlights: Its final result is a much more youthful cut. Of course, the highlights have to be with dark roots and lighter half-ends.

8. Side Bangs: Is your face square or oval? Give this cutting style a chance! In addition to making you look younger, the bangs tilted to one side less mark the angles of your face, refines it and makes it more delicate.

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