Jacky Bracamontes Shares Her Beauty Secrets To Look Spectacular

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Jacky Bracamontes Shares Her Beauty Secrets To Look Spectacular
Jacky Bracamontes Shares Her Beauty Secrets To Look Spectacular

Video: Jacky Bracamontes Shares Her Beauty Secrets To Look Spectacular

Video: Jacky Bracamontes Shares Her Beauty Secrets To Look Spectacular
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If your ideal summer day is sunbathing by the pool or hosting the best garden gathering for your friends and family, a make-up that does not corrode in the heat is essential. And Jacky Bracamontes knows quite a bit about heat resistant makeup

This mom of three girls has perfected a quick and easy beauty routine for the heat so she can spend more time outside with her daughters and less time brushing up her makeup.

Jacky shared some of her favorite makeup tips to help you look flawless all summer, as well as her beauty routine for this season. The best part? You can find everything they need at Target!

What is the essential item in your cosmetic bag?

Definitely Sonia Kashuk's eyelash curler ! During the summer you always want to look fresh and natural, and well defined lashes are an ideal way to achieve this and look groomed, but not in excess. After curling my lashes, I always make sure to put on a few touches of PIXI by Petra's Lengthy Fiber Mascar mascara. When I want to improve my look for a summer party or to go out at night, you can not miss false eyelashes! Violet Voss has some great options that give the right touch of glamor.

What is your best beauty tip for summer 2018?

Sometimes I feel that it is a bit tricky to put on various products to keep my skin hydrated and protected, so when I discovered this all-in-one color concealer and moisturizer, I was happy! It is ideal for covering dark circles and has brightening properties that leave my skin looking healthy. With the sun so hot during the summer, SPF 20 sunscreen will keep your skin protected and its hydrating formula will prevent it from drying out.

For those occasions when I don't have time to sunbathe but want to have that tan color look, I love EveryHue's Glow and Go palette. Includes everything I need to simplify my beauty routine with a blush, highlighter and bronzer, all in a handy package.

Another of my favorite multipurpose products is Reina Rebelde's Rebel Eye Paint for Brows & Eyes. The long-lasting formula helps define, fill, shape and fix my eyebrows. I love its versatility because I can use it as a liner, shadow, and brow gel to get a dramatic, intense eye or to give some definition, depending on how you choose to apply it.

What beauty products would you pack for a summer vacation?

This summer, I am planning a trip to the Caribbean with the whole family. I am going to need space in my suitcase for all the memories, so I want to pack lightly in what belongs to beauty articles. Reina Rebelde lipsticks will definitely take place in my cosmetic bag as they serve as eyeliner and lipstick. The highly pigmented color never runs or comes off, and the tip gives me control to line or fill my lips with a single application. My favorite color in the collection is Brava because I love bold red lips, especially for going out at night in the summer. It gives you a great splash of color for a tropical wave so it will be perfect for my trip to the island.

Why do you love buying beauty products at Target?

I love that Target is a store where in one trip I can buy everything I need, from sunscreen for my daughters to my favorite mascara. With a variety of trendy beauty products that cater to such a diverse range of needs, I know Target has exactly what I'm looking for when it comes to my personal beauty regimen at an affordable price.