7 Modern Haircuts To Wear All This Summer (PHOTOS)

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7 Modern Haircuts To Wear All This Summer (PHOTOS)
7 Modern Haircuts To Wear All This Summer (PHOTOS)
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What are those haircuts that are trending this summer? Here we tell you

1.Long bob with bangs: It will be fashionable because it is a style that does not require excessive maintenance, it is popular and elegant. In addition, it is almost perfect length because it is long enough to pick it up with a ponytail, make a braid or even a bow.

2. Garçón: The most refreshing of the summer! It is assimilated to a “boyish” cut, but it has a style that any woman will fall in love with. It will seat you perfectly if you have an oval face with smooth features. As if that were not enough, it is a sophisticated cut, very feminine, stylish, youthful, but it is also a symbol that you are modern, confident and even with a rebellious touch.

3. Wavy bob: L'Oreal Paris experts define it as a modern classic. The also known bob fulfills the characteristic of having the height of the neck, with the peculiarity that it is longer in the front than in the back. During this summer you have up to six options to wear it differently: wavy, curly, with parting to the side, parting in the middle, with or without bangs. A light-hearted look is perfect for this time of year when you may go to more relaxed social events. It looks to women with smooth features, oval and square face or also those with long necks.

4. Carré: It has the ability to take up to 10 years off you, which will make you look younger in a matter of minutes. It is also called French mane and it is a perfect alternative when the good weather arrives because it is easy to care for and feels good for any type of woman. Keep in mind that, as in all times of the year, you need to take care of each of the strands that make up your hair. For example, cut the ends every two months, avoid the dryer and the hair straighteners, apply a hair protector, avoid combing at lines so that the scalp does not suffer burns, among others.

5. Bob and with curls: If your hair is curly, a cut that removes weight and volume is one that has a length below the shoulders. It will make your cute natural wavy hair look sophisticated.

6. Modern Pixie: Or rather, an asymmetrical pixie. The one that leaves one end shorter than the other. Pixie cuts like this are not only comfortable, but chic too.

7. Long with surf waves: Spectacular! The classic long mane NEVER goes out of style, much more if you combine it with waves that emulate the angels of Victoria's Secret. It is perfect for any type of woman, regardless of whether her face is round, square or oval. So why refuse to try them? Wear them and feel beautiful!

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