10 Makeup Trends That Will Be In Fashion This Summer (PHOTOS)

10 Makeup Trends That Will Be In Fashion This Summer (PHOTOS)
10 Makeup Trends That Will Be In Fashion This Summer (PHOTOS)
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You may be wondering what are those makeup trends that you have to use to combine your clothes. Do not look any further! Here we present them to you. Take note and make the transition from spring to summer correctly.

1. Natural skin: With the arrival of hot days, the effort should be maximized so that the makeup does not smear. If your desire is to establish yourself with the no make up, do it. If instead you prefer to apply foundation, opt for a moderate amount to show off a healthy and bright finish.

2. Camouflages imperfections: Especially during the afternoon and evening! The fact that you want to have a more natural skin during the first hours of the day does not prevent you from using the concealer to reduce the appearance of dark circles, pimples or small spots. Maybelline experts recommend starting with the pre-correctors (green - yellow), follow with the concealer according to your skin tone and end with the highlighter, affecting cheekbones, eyebrows and tear.

3. Light up the look: You will be used to having black or brown eyeliner in your makeup bag. For these sunny months, let them rest because the bright colors are blue, turquoise, pink, silver, gold and even orange. Use them delicately to achieve a makeup not so loaded.

4. Subtle Smoke: Ok, yes, they do have colorful shades like bronze, violet, orange and blue, and also subtle colors like smoked. This style is installed season after season as a tool that brings drama to any look. For this summer the one that is in fashion is the lightest focused on the lash line. Smoky eyes give a more polished effect. Wear it overnight.

5. Bushy eyebrows and eyelashes: The influence of XXL eyebrows and eyelashes continues. A well-groomed appearance marks the face and enhances your beauty.

6. Tangerine lips: If your complexion is white, the lighter tones play in your favor; if average, the most vibrant orange lipsticks; and if you are dark skinned, the lipsticks with more brick colors. The Get The Look site also insists on using the bars in pink, purple and nude.

7. Lip contouring: Thick lips are an effect that you achieve by applying gloss. After placing the lipstick, add this product only in the center of your lips. Final result: lips with ample volume.

8. Drawn look: During these months, the eyeliner acquires great prominence. Gone is the discreet and elegant to give way to the most marked eyeliner and obvious lines. How about an extra thick cat's eye?

9. Draping: Consists of providing color and luminosity to the face, combining light and dark tones in the blush.

10. Glow effect: A fresher skin, like just out of the water. You get the glow using cream highlighters, holographic bars, bronze eyeshadow and lots of lip and eyelid gloss. To correctly apply this technique, follow the steps that the beauty blogger Litzy gives you here.

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