Recommendations For Before And After Botox Treatment

Recommendations For Before And After Botox Treatment
Recommendations For Before And After Botox Treatment
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Although it was used as a treatment in the 70s to improve strabismus problems, over time it was found that this botulinum toxin (popularly known as Botox) was also effective in reducing and even eliminating facial lines and wrinkles.

It is natural that when they talk to us about injecting us with a toxin, it may seem contraindicated; However, as explained by Dr. Kalieska Arroyo, President of the Peruvian Association of Medicine and Cosmetic Surgery and owner of the Dr. Kalieska Arroyo Clinic in Lima, Peru, "Botulinum toxin (Botox) is a protein that works by relaxing the musculature and began to be used as a facial rejuvenation treatment in 1980 ″.

Regarding the care before and after undergoing treatment, Dr. Arroyo tells us: "As in any aesthetic procedure, care is required before and after in order for us to obtain the results we want."

Dr. Arroyo emphasizes that to achieve the best possible results, first you must go to a doctor specialized in aesthetic medicine and / or with training in the application of Botox.

What to do before applying Botox?

First, and most importantly, is to make sure the doctor is certified and experienced in applying Botox.

  • Ask to see photos of cases you have seen that show the results.
  • Ask the specialist all the questions you think necessary.
  • Request the box or product information.
  • Botulinum toxin injections are done with very fine needles during sessions that only last a few minutes and are not painful; But if you prefer to anesthetize the area, you can ask your doctor to apply topical anesthesia.
  • To avoid bruising, do not take aspirin or some anti-inflammatory medications before treatment at least 3 days before.

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What to do after applying the Botox?

You should carefully follow the doctor's instructions for after treatment.

  • For the next four hours you should not: lie down, massage yourself, exercise, put anything tight on your head. Remember that anything that tightens or alters the placement of the toxin can cause it to spread and leave your eyebrow or eyelid drooping.

Regarding the duration of the effect of the Botox, the doctor explains that the first times the treatment lasts from 3 to 6 months, a period that is progressively lengthened on the following occasions and adds that as the treatments are repeated, the duration of the toxin effect will be longer, as the muscle will weaken.

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