Basic Tips For Caring For Your Armpits

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Basic Tips For Caring For Your Armpits
Basic Tips For Caring For Your Armpits
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Dr. Barba Dove and Advanced Care share with us some tips for the care of our armpits, a part of the body that we often do not give the attention it needs

Know your perspiration: We have 2 types of sweat glands, ecrine and apocrine, that produce perspiration without odor. Your body odor (OC) appears when the microorganisms come into contact with perspiration, in particular with that produced by the apocrine glands

Remember, underarm hair can intensify the bad smell. However, the bad smell is mainly due to the interaction of the perspiration and the protein-rich secretion of the apocrine glands with the superficial bacteria, and that odor increases in the presence of hair, since there is a greater surface for bacteria and perspiration interact.

2. Underarm hair removal: 3 out of 4 women choose to have their underarm hair removed. 97% of women who shave their armpits choose to shave, while 11% use wax and 1% use laser hair removal. 1 Because shaving is the most common thing, you must remember that hair grows in a swirl. Then follow these tips from Dr. Beard to achieve an effective shave and minimize skin irritation.

Soap: Use a moisturizing shower gel or shaving cream to cover the area and then exfoliate it to soften the hair.

  • Simple is better: Choose a simple razor (one or two blades) and change it every 3 or 4 uses. Shavers with more blades can cause irritation, depending on the sensitivity of the skin.
  • More than one direction: Shave in an X shape for a finish with fewer passes.
  • Aftercare is key: Since 36% of what you shave is skin, it's important to moisturize when you're done. I recommend that you use Dove antiperspirants because they moisturize and care for the skin and protect it from perspiration and bad odor.

3. Axillary discomfort: According to a study by Mintel, the greatest frustration caused by shaving is irritation (36%). The other three main causes of frustration are shaving burns (28%), ingrown hairs (23%), and the feeling of dry skin from shaving (21%). two

Many of these discomforts can be avoided with proper care that includes proper shaving to prevent moisture and bacteria from increasing, and also wetting of the area. I always recommend Dove antiperspirants to my patients because they not only provide protection against bad odor and moisture, but also care for sensitive skin.

4. Dove antiperspirants are different: Dove has always created antiperspirants designed to take care of the skin and to provide protection against bad odor and humidity for 48 hours, in addition to providing benefits for skin care with its characteristic ¼ technology moisturizer:

Occlusives to conserve hydration and protect.

  • Building blocks to strengthen the "mortar" that keeps skin cells in place (oleic, linoleic and stearic acids from sunflower oil).
  • Moisturizers that attract and preserve hydration.
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